Layout and Visualisation:Week 2

Layout and Visualisation:Week 2

I enjoyed a lovely weekend at home catching up on Gilmore Girls with my mum. I also went out for lunch with my dad and saw a couple of friends. It was nice to have a couple of days rest without having to think about uni and just catch up on sleep, eat proper food and chill.

I returned yesterday evening and was met by my flatmate, Tim at the station and enjoyed a nice evening in with the flatmates before going to bed.

I woke up at half 7 this morning feeling worse for wear with a sore throat and cold but powered on all the same for my 9 on clock layout and visualisation lecture with Iestyn.

He started off by showing us a video about Hitler and his people using the font sand serif for a campaign and how unoriginal it is. Hitler then went on a rant about it. Iestyn then said he would give us much a similar reaction if we ever used the font in any of our features.

The lecture was mainly focused on different layouts of magazine and how long they have been going around for.

This afternoons seminar was taught by both Iestyn and Justin. Mainly Justin who went over how to use grids and columns in InDesign. I thought I was pretty good at using InDesign but even I learnt stuff I hadn’t before.

Once we got the general hang of how grids and columns were used we were set the task of laying out an interview with Lisa Barlow . First in three columns and then seven.

Unfortunately it wont let me add the images at this point in time so when i`m next on a Mac i`ll add the images to this post so you can see what you think.




The Culture of The Glossy: Week 1

The culture of the glossy:Week 1

Wednesdays as last term are our longest days with a lecturer,seminar and guest lecture all on one which means we sometimes don’t finish till 7pm. Hence the fact I don’t really look forward to Wednesdays. This term however I surprised myself and I think I’m going to enjoy this unit.

I struggled last term with the theory unit but I feel a bit more confident with it coming back to it after Christmas.

In the culture of the glossy we cover a lot about how magazines represent women and men and how magazines have changed over time, if they have at all.

The two hour seminar flew by after the mornings lecture as we had to analyse magazines from past periods of time. I had to analyse an issue of Chat Magazine from the 1930s which proved to be really interesting. It’s amazing how much magazines change( in some cases over time).

Chat magazine featured adverts aimed at housewives including sewing and how to make your stocking last longer. It also included love stories about seeing your first love again after so many years on the pier at Eastbourne. That in itself says how old the magazine is as Eastbourne was considered a very stereotypical place to go on holiday back then.

It could also have been aimed at higher class women( those in manor houses) which the servants may take to read below stairs. This ofcourse made me think of Downton Abbey and when Daisy took Edith’s magazine to read downstairs which casuals myself and the lecturer Sallie to have a conversation about women of that time. She bought up the example of Sybil helping Gwen to get the job of the secretary. Servants of that time wanted an escape from being in service so that was how they did it.

After the seminar was over I found a text to find out that the guest lecture was cancelled.

As Wednesday was the last day of our uni week I made my way to the train station and went home for the weekend.


The Multi platform approach:Week 1

The multi platform approach: week 1:

So much for writing on this blog everyday. From now on I’ll keep this up and let you all know the goings on of my life at uni.

Week 1 of the multi platform approach , like all of my lessons in the first week was an introduction to the unit.

It started with an hour in the library with being taught how to access the library databases for feature ideas and useful books we could use for ideas.

I ended up browsing the film category and found some interesting information about film from over the years. It’s amazing what you can find out just through research.

The second hour of the lesson, Sarah went through the unit criteria( which is a lot the same as the magazine journalism unit in the way that we have to write a 1000 word feature on a topic of our choice which includes an online adaption and email pitch.) We also have to feature some sort of video or audio post to accompany it, hence the name of the unit being The Multi Platform Approach.

I’m very much looking forward to what this unit will entail. We also get set independent study tasks such as reading certain chapters of books and writing reviews and pitches for feature ideas. It all sounds very exciting.



Layout and Visualisation: Week 1-Part 2


Hope you`ve all had a good or are having a good Monday. Here is the second part of the blogpost carrying on from the one earlier this afternoon. 


Layout and Visulisation: Week 1- Part 2


After my 9am lecture I came back to my halls of residence and began thinking of ideas for what i wanted my cover to look like and words that best described my personality. Whilst in the thinking process I also got an idea for a magazine. Iestyn mentioned in the previous session to start thinking about it for next year but said to start working on one secretly so we`re ahead of the game. 

Once I had finished brainstorming I took a quick trip to town and The Works to buy a plastic wallet folder to shortern my portfolio(it was in three plastic wallet folders, I managed to get it down to one) as one of my lecturers last term mentioned I show it to Iestyn. 

At half past 12(I`m always one to be early. Just a habit. Better to be early than late) I made my way back to uni with my ideas down on paper and portfolio in hand. 

The seminar mainly focused on an introduction to the adobe programme InDesign. I was familiar with it through college so that came in handy having a general idea of how to use the software. It was good to have a refresh though as I hadn’t used it for a good year or so. 

We looked at different websites including magpile and pinterest to give us inspiration of cover lines that best described our personalities and covers we just liked the general look of. 

I called my magazine `Passion` as i`m passionate not only about films, music and writing but also about life. 

Below is my first attempt at a magazine cover featuring me as the cover star. 


After the seminar had finished I handed Iestyn my portfolio telling him i shortened it as to not bore him. He`s taken it away to have a look so whilst i wait for that I have the rest of the week to look forward to. 

Tomorrow morning will consist of me going to pick up my glasses(I haven’t worn them since I was six so will take a bit of getting used to) before going to a seminar from 5-7. 

Until tomorrow. 



Layout and Visulisation:Week 1-Part 1

Layout and visualisation week 1: Part 1

Hello and welcome to the first post on my blog. This post is going to be split into two parts as on mondays i have two lectures. Heres the first part.

9am: I arrived 20 minutes early, as always and met my lecturer just as we were going in the building. We spoke briefly about our weekend and why I was so early.

The rest of the class filed in at about 8:55 allowing Iestyn to begin his lecture. An introduction to layout and visualisation.

He gave a brief introduction as to what the units entails. Below are the things we will cover.

-600 years of graphic design
-The many wonders of typography
-Inspiring magazine design of the 20th and 21st centuries
-Getting to grips with editorial photography
-Infographics and visual journalism
-The subtle art of using colour in magazine designs.

We we also set our project work. Another words our two assignments for the term and unit of layout and visualisation.

For my first assignment AE1( which will be my second) I have to create a double page spread magazine design cover consisting of:

-A written feature(600-1000 words)
-Accompanying photography/ illustration
-A cover design with photography and cover lines
-A 500 word reflective log, detailing the learning process throughout the unit.

For my second assignment, AE2 I have to pick one of the five questions and write an 1000 word design analysis essay.

I have a session this afternoon at 1 o clock where I have been asked to be my own cover star and design a magazine cover that best describes me. Excited about this. Will report back afterwards.

Bye for now.