Layout and Visualisation: Week 1-Part 2


Hope you`ve all had a good or are having a good Monday. Here is the second part of the blogpost carrying on from the one earlier this afternoon. 


Layout and Visulisation: Week 1- Part 2


After my 9am lecture I came back to my halls of residence and began thinking of ideas for what i wanted my cover to look like and words that best described my personality. Whilst in the thinking process I also got an idea for a magazine. Iestyn mentioned in the previous session to start thinking about it for next year but said to start working on one secretly so we`re ahead of the game. 

Once I had finished brainstorming I took a quick trip to town and The Works to buy a plastic wallet folder to shortern my portfolio(it was in three plastic wallet folders, I managed to get it down to one) as one of my lecturers last term mentioned I show it to Iestyn. 

At half past 12(I`m always one to be early. Just a habit. Better to be early than late) I made my way back to uni with my ideas down on paper and portfolio in hand. 

The seminar mainly focused on an introduction to the adobe programme InDesign. I was familiar with it through college so that came in handy having a general idea of how to use the software. It was good to have a refresh though as I hadn’t used it for a good year or so. 

We looked at different websites including magpile and pinterest to give us inspiration of cover lines that best described our personalities and covers we just liked the general look of. 

I called my magazine `Passion` as i`m passionate not only about films, music and writing but also about life. 

Below is my first attempt at a magazine cover featuring me as the cover star. 


After the seminar had finished I handed Iestyn my portfolio telling him i shortened it as to not bore him. He`s taken it away to have a look so whilst i wait for that I have the rest of the week to look forward to. 

Tomorrow morning will consist of me going to pick up my glasses(I haven’t worn them since I was six so will take a bit of getting used to) before going to a seminar from 5-7. 

Until tomorrow. 



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