Layout and Visulisation:Week 1-Part 1

Layout and visualisation week 1: Part 1

Hello and welcome to the first post on my blog. This post is going to be split into two parts as on mondays i have two lectures. Heres the first part.

9am: I arrived 20 minutes early, as always and met my lecturer just as we were going in the building. We spoke briefly about our weekend and why I was so early.

The rest of the class filed in at about 8:55 allowing Iestyn to begin his lecture. An introduction to layout and visualisation.

He gave a brief introduction as to what the units entails. Below are the things we will cover.

-600 years of graphic design
-The many wonders of typography
-Inspiring magazine design of the 20th and 21st centuries
-Getting to grips with editorial photography
-Infographics and visual journalism
-The subtle art of using colour in magazine designs.

We we also set our project work. Another words our two assignments for the term and unit of layout and visualisation.

For my first assignment AE1( which will be my second) I have to create a double page spread magazine design cover consisting of:

-A written feature(600-1000 words)
-Accompanying photography/ illustration
-A cover design with photography and cover lines
-A 500 word reflective log, detailing the learning process throughout the unit.

For my second assignment, AE2 I have to pick one of the five questions and write an 1000 word design analysis essay.

I have a session this afternoon at 1 o clock where I have been asked to be my own cover star and design a magazine cover that best describes me. Excited about this. Will report back afterwards.

Bye for now.

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