Layout and Visualisation:Week 2

Layout and Visualisation:Week 2

I enjoyed a lovely weekend at home catching up on Gilmore Girls with my mum. I also went out for lunch with my dad and saw a couple of friends. It was nice to have a couple of days rest without having to think about uni and just catch up on sleep, eat proper food and chill.

I returned yesterday evening and was met by my flatmate, Tim at the station and enjoyed a nice evening in with the flatmates before going to bed.

I woke up at half 7 this morning feeling worse for wear with a sore throat and cold but powered on all the same for my 9 on clock layout and visualisation lecture with Iestyn.

He started off by showing us a video about Hitler and his people using the font sand serif for a campaign and how unoriginal it is. Hitler then went on a rant about it. Iestyn then said he would give us much a similar reaction if we ever used the font in any of our features.

The lecture was mainly focused on different layouts of magazine and how long they have been going around for.

This afternoons seminar was taught by both Iestyn and Justin. Mainly Justin who went over how to use grids and columns in InDesign. I thought I was pretty good at using InDesign but even I learnt stuff I hadn’t before.

Once we got the general hang of how grids and columns were used we were set the task of laying out an interview with Lisa Barlow . First in three columns and then seven.

Unfortunately it wont let me add the images at this point in time so when i`m next on a Mac i`ll add the images to this post so you can see what you think.




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