The Culture of The Glossy: Week 1

The culture of the glossy:Week 1

Wednesdays as last term are our longest days with a lecturer,seminar and guest lecture all on one which means we sometimes don’t finish till 7pm. Hence the fact I don’t really look forward to Wednesdays. This term however I surprised myself and I think I’m going to enjoy this unit.

I struggled last term with the theory unit but I feel a bit more confident with it coming back to it after Christmas.

In the culture of the glossy we cover a lot about how magazines represent women and men and how magazines have changed over time, if they have at all.

The two hour seminar flew by after the mornings lecture as we had to analyse magazines from past periods of time. I had to analyse an issue of Chat Magazine from the 1930s which proved to be really interesting. It’s amazing how much magazines change( in some cases over time).

Chat magazine featured adverts aimed at housewives including sewing and how to make your stocking last longer. It also included love stories about seeing your first love again after so many years on the pier at Eastbourne. That in itself says how old the magazine is as Eastbourne was considered a very stereotypical place to go on holiday back then.

It could also have been aimed at higher class women( those in manor houses) which the servants may take to read below stairs. This ofcourse made me think of Downton Abbey and when Daisy took Edith’s magazine to read downstairs which casuals myself and the lecturer Sallie to have a conversation about women of that time. She bought up the example of Sybil helping Gwen to get the job of the secretary. Servants of that time wanted an escape from being in service so that was how they did it.

After the seminar was over I found a text to find out that the guest lecture was cancelled.

As Wednesday was the last day of our uni week I made my way to the train station and went home for the weekend.


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