The Multi platform approach:Week 1

The multi platform approach: week 1:

So much for writing on this blog everyday. From now on I’ll keep this up and let you all know the goings on of my life at uni.

Week 1 of the multi platform approach , like all of my lessons in the first week was an introduction to the unit.

It started with an hour in the library with being taught how to access the library databases for feature ideas and useful books we could use for ideas.

I ended up browsing the film category and found some interesting information about film from over the years. It’s amazing what you can find out just through research.

The second hour of the lesson, Sarah went through the unit criteria( which is a lot the same as the magazine journalism unit in the way that we have to write a 1000 word feature on a topic of our choice which includes an online adaption and email pitch.) We also have to feature some sort of video or audio post to accompany it, hence the name of the unit being The Multi Platform Approach.

I’m very much looking forward to what this unit will entail. We also get set independent study tasks such as reading certain chapters of books and writing reviews and pitches for feature ideas. It all sounds very exciting.



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