Multi platform approach:week 2

Multi platform approach week 2:

Hey everyone.

A new week and two new posts before i get on with this weeks posts. Actually make that two as I have a few others things id like to report about.

By the time I get back from uni at 7 I find I barley have time to do all the things I want to do. Read or write on this blog for example. I find I come back and eat dinner, hang with the flatmates and then go to bed. It seems there aren’t enough hours in the day.

Anyway, week 2 of the multi-platform approach.

In this weeks session Sarah started off by talking to us about the difference between online and print versions of magazines.

We then had to choose five magazines that had online content or digital content and explain the interactive features,multimedia content and good and bad points of these.

It proved quite a difficult challenge to begin with but once we got the hang of it it got easier. We decided to talk about Elle,Empire,Jamie Magazine and Lego magazine which was a lot of fun to look at what with the use of interactive features.

We unfortunately ran out of time to present so that’s the first thing we have to do on Tuesday before writing a step to step tutorial on something of our choice.

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