Romeo and Juliet 2013 review

Romeo and Juliet 2013 Review in the style of Empire Magazine.

The course of true love never did run smooth in the greatest love story ever told of the two star crossed lovers,Romeo and Juliet who meet and fall in love despite a family feud.

Romeo and Juliet, a story that has been told so many times before. One of Shakespeare’s most famous plays that everyone knows,whether they moaned about having to study it at school or one of those stories that true romantics believe in, it’s a typical boy meets girl story about love and betrayal. Romeo and Juliet fall in love only to realise that their families are arch enemies.

Directed by Carlo Careli and adapted to the screen by Downton Abbey creator Julian Fellowes,this version of the greatest love story ever told doesn’t life up to Baz Lurhmanns original starring Leonardo Dicaprio and Claire Danes.

It’s ironic considering this most recent version has taken the concept of the story and tried to make it more believable by ideally filming on location in Italy. Verona to be exact where the original story is set.

It even stars Haliee Steinfeld and Douglas Booth who were in fact fifteen and seventeen when filming began,the same age as the star crossed lovers.

Giving the fact that Shakespeare isn’t the easiest language to grasp and understand credit is due to both Booth and Steinfeld, along with Ed Westwick who lovers of Gossip Girl will only see as Chuck Bass just with longer hair.

The main credit is mainly due to the likes of Damien Lewis and Paul Giamatti who star as Lord Capulet and the Friar who, no matter in what roles they play tend to pull it out the bag with each and every film they star in.

Despite the tried attempt at a remake it misses the energy and upbeat soundtrack of the original.

Two stars.

Reviewed by Emily Pontin

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