A Reflective Day:

A reflective day:

It was a year ago yesterday that I attended the Empire Awards and met Alex Zane,handed a letter to Tom Hiddleston’s publicist about a Fanbook I had made for him.


It was also a year ago tomorrow that I received not one,but two tweets from Tom Hiddleston thanking me for the letter and that he couldn’t wait to see the book. If you want to check it out you can do here


It was two years ago today that I dressed up as Audrey Hepburn for my 18th birthday party.



These three milestones have put me in a reflective mood and got me thinking about how things have changed over the past two years.

I can’t believe I’ve almost finished my first year at university. It doesn’t seem possible. It only seems like yesterday that I started. It’s madness.

I’m glad that I decided to go to university. It was the best decision I’ve made. I’ve made lots of new friends,both in my flat and on my course. I have great lecturers that I learn a lot from and I’m studying something I love and hope to,someday make a career out of.

I believe that I’m more independent, and despite not feeling ready to live in a house of my own and making the decision to live in halls again next year,I feel happy with that choice. I’ve grown up a lot over the past few years,having to move out and fend for myself.

I can’t believe that I’m going to be 20 in just over a week. Where has the time gone?

Despite having a lot more work to do before being able to relax,I feel like a big weight has been lifted off my shoulders and I look forward to seeing what my 20s bring.





My Top 5: Romantic Films

Moving to uni made me make a very important decision. Which DVDs to bring with me. When people ask me ‘What are your top 5 films’ I always find it hard to answer. After much thought however I realised that most of my top 5 cover the category of romance. So below are my top 5 favorite films in the Romance genre.

1. Breakfast at Tiffany’s(1961)


Breakfast at Tiffany`s Trailer

Who doesn’t love an old romance movie? It’s even better when it includes a kooky woman by the name of Holly Golightly, her charming neighbour Paul ‘Fred’ Varjak and a ginger cat ironically called cat.

Breakfast at Tiffany’s became the film that Audrey Hepburn was, and still is to this day most famous for.

You can blame Blair Waldorf from the television show Gossip Girl for my love of this film and Audrey and therefore this film being one of my favorites.

2. Brief Encounter(1945)

Brief Encounter Trailer

One for those black and white movie lovers. My love for the film Brief Encounter first came about in college when I had to write a screenplay for an assignment.

I liked the general idea of an affair story line set in a different period and got told to watch this magnificent film.

I was certainly glad I did as it`s become one of my favorites, if not because of the story line and the fact it`s set at a train station, then for the chemistry between both Alec(Trevor Howard) and Laura(Celia Johnson).

3. Moulin Rouge(2001)

Moulin Rouge Trailer

This is one of those films that absolutely had to be on my list.

Who doesn’t love a Baz Luhrmann film that features Nicole Kidman and Ewan McGregor singing classic songs such as Elton John`s `Your Song` and songs the many songs featured in The Elephant Love Medley?

My favorite song in the film is most definitely Come What May without question. It`s the saying I live by and am getting a tattoo of in the Easter Holidays.

This film is my go to film, the one I go to when I`m in a good mood and fancy a sing song, or when I`m having a down day it`s a film that puts a smile on my face and one that i`ve watched so many times i`ve lost count.

It definitely sums up my view of true love.

4. Atonement(2007)

Atonement Trailer

A film to be watched for the casting alone. James McAvoy, Keira Knightley and Benedict Cumberbatch. Who wouldn’t want to watch with the likes of those incredible British actors amongst its mix?

I love everything about this movie. The fact it`s directed by Joe Wright(one of my favorite directors), the setting(London), the time period(1939),the fact the end scene is set in my home town(Dover) and of course the story itself.

Everything compliments itself beautifully making it one of my top 5 romantic movies.

5. Only Lovers Left Alive(2014)

Only Lovers Left Alive Trailer

Ofcourse, I couldn’t have a list of romantic films without including my latest favorite. I first got the chance to see Only Lovers Left Alive last year at the London Film Festival and it was absolutely amazing! I`ve seen it since and it`s still just as beautiful.

A timeless film about vampires(see what I did there?) but most importantly a film about love. A love story way better than Twilight, even if I did enjoy that. There was something about Only Lovers Left Alive by Jim Jarmusch which was different to anything I`d seen before. I`d never realised what poetic meant when describing a film, but since seeing it I can understand why. There`s no other way to describe it than a beautiful, poetic film about love.

The cast of Tilda Swinton and Tom Hiddleston is just another reason to watch it.

So, thats my top 5 romantic films, what are yours?

A Day in the Life:Pixie Lott Nasty Signing.



A Day in the Life: Pixie Lott `Nasty` signing


Ok so for one of my independent study tasks for the multi platform approach I was set the task of writing a blog post called the day in the life which had to include text, images and video content.

Now,my days aren’t very exciting,unless you count the trips to the theatre in London or to a screening of Captain America: The Winter Soldier, which I went to on Thursday (which was absolutely amazing and you should all see it when it’s released on the 26th).

So rather than my boring days of not doing a lot,I decided to blog my trip to London for the Pixie Lott cd signing.

I’ve been a fan of Pixie since I first heard Mamma Do on the music channel. She quickly became one of my favourite artists and favourite people, which for those who know me,know I have a lot of favourite people within the entertainment industry.


Anyway I’ve been to a couple of her concerts(The Q awards concert back in 2010 and the Rays of Sunshine Concert in 2012) where I got some great photos, but never actually got to meet her myself. Today, however my luck changed.


I boarded the train to London at 10 and met my mum at Waterloo station at 11.30. We then had a catch up over Burger King chips before getting the tube to Bank.


About half an hour later,at 1.00 we found our way to the Steam and Rye where the signing was being held. There,the waiting began with other ‘crazy cats’ as we’re called until we were let in at 3.00.

The venue was lovely,very posh for a bar,mind you it was in London.

Then,more queuing began, but this time Pixie was at the end of it. As the queue got shorter and my time with pixie was almost upon me I couldn’t believe it,I couldn’t believe in a matter of moments I was going to meet Pixie Lott.


After the past few people infront of me said there goodbyes,it was now my turn. The conversation went something like this.

Pixie: Hey how you doing?
Me: I’m good thankyou.
Pixie: There some really cool cat ears you have there. Thankyou so much for buying my cd. *signs the cd*
Me: *stands there star struck not quite believing pixie is infront of me.
Pixie: Shall I sign this too?
Me: *nods* yes please. Can I have a picture?
Pixie: *nods and leans across the table as I set up my phone to take a selfie.*
Me: *takes the selfie* thankyou so much. Can I have a hug too?
Pixie: leans across the table to hug me.
Me: thankyou so so much.
Pixie: you’re welcome,thankyou for coming.


It was then that I came away and cried. I always said I would once I met her. It’s such an overwhelming feeling knowing that you’ve met your idol.





Once I had composed myself, myself and mum went and had a wander around London where I tried out my photography skills along the Embankment.

Really pleased with these photos.

We then went our separate ways,mum getting on the train at Charing Cross to go back home to Dover,and myself to the tube to get back to Waterloo to come back to Southampton.

It’s been two days and I still can’t process that I met her. Every time I look at the photo I smile like a loon. So so happy.

A video of my day can be found here:

Also, check out Pixie on Youtube


That was just one of the days in my life of a mag journo. I hope you’ll follow me on my journey for the rest of them.











I love great days.

Today(well yesterday) was a good day. Really interesting guest lecture with Chris Floyd who has photographed the likes of Keira Knightley, Sheridan Smith and Paul McCartney. It seems I’m more fascinated and inspired by people who so photography for a living, even if I’m no good at taking photos myself. There are literally no words to describe how AMAZING War Horse was. So clever. Couldn’t keep my eyes off the stage. It’s reasons like that why I love the theatre so much. Also submitted my essay which means I have a free day before going to London for the Captain America screening this afternoon. Eeep!

Today is a good day.

Good day. Today has been a really good day.

I had uni from 9-3 where we went through tips on how to write out essays due in on Thursday. I then had to mark previous years essays and give it a grade to see how the grading criteria works, and how I would be graded.

I also chose my options for next year. Music Journalism and Web Design and Layout. Next year is going to be a good year. Can’t believe I’ve almost completed my first year at uni, where has the time gone?

After uni I went and met my friend Amie for coffee in the park which gave me the opportunity to have a Rory Gilmore coffee moment. We browsed town and I bought my first vinyl record in the form of Oliver Twist.

I then came home to find my parcels had arrived. Pixie Lott’s new single, Nasty which I’m going to get signed in London on Saturday, a copy of the DVD Grease and a postcard from my cousin.

Two of my favourite actors, Tom Hiddleston and Hayley Atwell have been nominated for Oliver awards which makes me very happy and proud to be fans of there’s right now.

Now, to crack on with this essay whilst listening to Pixie.

What did you get up to today?






World Book Day:


World Book Day:

Coming home for the weekend means I can have a few days to myself where I can have proper dinners,watch all the tv I’ve missed by not being at home and catch up on sleep and enjoy some ‘me’ time by catching up on my reading.

At uni it seems very difficult to sit and concentrate on one thing at one set time.

So coming home it means I can switch my mind off from things in Southampton and just chill.

I love days like this where you can get away with sitting in your planets and lounge reading a good book.

And what better way than world book day. I’m currently reading ‘I heart Paris’ one of the books in the I heart series from one of my favourite authors,Lindsey Kelk.

Other favourite books of mine include:

From Notting Hill…with Love Actually/New York Actually by Ali McNamara.

I read these books in less than a day. I couldn’t put them down they were so addictive. And pretty much summed up my love of films completely. I can’t contain my excitement for the next instalment of the Sean and Scarlett series.

I’m also in the process of interviewing Ali for a feature which is even more cool.

The Pride by Alexi Kay Campbell.

Going to see this play on stage last year completely changed my life. As cliche as that sounds. I waited all summer to see Hayley Atwell in the role as Sylvia, begging my mum pretty much everyday to go and see it. She finally gave in and on a spontaneous whim we saw the second to last performance on the last day. I was so glad I waited.

The Pride examines the issues of gay rights between the years of 1958 and 2008. It follows the lives of married couple Philip and Sylvia and her Sylvia’s friend, Oliver and the love triangle between these three people.

It completely blew me away and I couldn’t help but not buy the book of the play the next time I was in London. I read it in less than two hours.

Growing Pains by Billie Piper.

I remember reading Billie Pipers autobiography when I was around fourteen years old. Another case of having to beg my mum for it I believe . It seems I done a lot of that as a child.

That was the first book I read in less than a week.

I found it so interesting finding out about Billie’s life and all the things she faced in life to get to where she is today. A singing career at the age of 16, dating and then going on to marry radio dj Chris Evans but also the drugs. At the end of the day,all of that made her the person that she is today.

What will you be doing to celebrate World Book Day?

I’m also intrigued to know, what are your favourite books?

Enjoy National Book Day,you lovely book lovers.

One of those days.

One of those days.

We all have those days where we don’t want to socialise, are stressed about uni or work and just aren’t happy.

Here’s 4 things I suggest doing if you ever feel that way. Have some time to yourself.

1. Read a book:
Escape from your own mind and problems by reading that book that’s been sitting on your bookshelf untouched for a few months.

2. Go to the cinema/watch a film:
Another way of getting away from your thoughts is to go to the cinema. If there’s a film out that you want to see,great go and see it. If not pick any random film and go in knowing nothing. Who knows you may come out of the cinema having enjoyed the film and feel better for the escapism.

If this fails or you’re low on money,stick on your favourite film. Everytime I’m feel like this I put on moulin rouge, it’s my go to film for every mood and occasion. Escape for a few hours into someone else’s life.

3. Go for a walk:
Even if it’s just to the shops,get out of your room,house or flat and take a walk. Clear your head and enjoy the scenery. I don’t where about you live but Southampton has some really nice parks to walk through, the marina is also nice to walk around if you’re a fan of water or just like walking by the sea.

4. Go for a cup of tea or coffee:
Wonder to your nearest Starbucks,Costa or coffee shop,grab a drink, go and sit in a corner and people watch. Daydream about anything else but your problems.

What do you do when you’re having one of those days?