A uni catch up

So as promised in my previous post, a catch up about uni. I apologise in advance for the long post.

Layout and Visualisation: 

I`ll start with Layout and Visualisation as thats the first lesson I have at 9am on a Monday morning.

Throughout the past few weeks we`ve had lecturers on the various different elements that come together in order to create magazine layouts. From lectures on typography, to color and photography.

I was very happy when Iestyn included a picture of Audrey Hepburn in one of his powerpoints as i`m a huge fan of hers, or was i should say as she`s unfortunately no longer with us. It made me happy all the same. It was a picture I hadnt seen before too, by photographer Richard Avedon.

He also mentioned an exhibition being shown at the National Portrait Gallery by famous photographer David Bailey which myself, my mum and nan are looking into going to in the Easter Holidays, which should be interesting.

We were also set the task of finding someone eccentric and writing a profile piece on them. It was very exciting to get to know my Facebook friend Emily Petretta better than I did. During our conversation I found out some very interesting things about her, which I wont broadcast her just incase she doesnt want anyone else to know about them. Needless to say I was very pleased with my piece and can`t wait to lay it out in a few weeks time.

About a month ago I handed Iestyn my portfolio to look at including which included some of my previous journalism work. I had a tutorial with him a few weeks ago and he generally seemed impressed with the work I had already done and told me to keep it up. It`s always nice to get praise, especially when it`s something you`re really proud and happy with.

Iestyn has been off for the past few weeks so our seminar sessions have been taken by a man called Justin. During these sessions I have learnt more about how to use InDesign, and today`s session was a photoshop workshop which was fun! It was great to have a play around with it as Ive only recently started to use it on my phone, which is completely different as apposed to the programme on the mac.

I am now busy working on my 1,000 word design analysis where I have to compare and contrast two magazines from the same publishing sector, based on it`s content, typography, layout and colour which should be interesting. I shall report back on that once the deadline is out of the way next week.

The Multi Platform Approach: 

Moving swiftly on from Monday at 9am and the seminar at 1pm to Tuesday evening from 5-7pm. These seminars may be a killer to go in for but they are certainly very interesting.

Over the past few weeks we`ve covered everything from structure and flow where we had to write a 5 step tutorial on a topic of our choice.Our independent study task for that week was to write a 300 word film review of the last film we saw for a particular publication. I chose to review the new version of Romeo and Juliet for Empire, which I posted on here a few weeks back. I got good feedback for it which I was happy about.

We were also given audio and video workshops and taught how to use Mirats and the video setting on a DSLR camera which I already had knowledge in from doing Media Production at college a few years ago.

This unit has also made me spend an eccessive amount of money on magazines, which i dont think can be heleped because they`re all so beautiful. I feel my knowledge of different publications has grown since starting the course which I believe is a good thing.

I`ve also got to thinking about pitching ideas more, which is an important part of the industry. I got pretty good feedback for the three pitch ideas I presented to Sarah last week and have since got my interview secured. I just need to think of and email over my questions which i`m very excited about.

Tomorrow, we discuss blogs. Now i know some of you may be thinking thats the only reason I`ve started to write on my blog again but even though thats partly the reason I felt the need to update you in whats been going on. That is, after all the point of this blog name.

The Culture of the Glossy: 

Moving on to my final unit for this semester. The Culture of the Glossy. Wednesday morning at 11am and Wednesday afternoon at 3pm.

Now,I`ll let you into a little secret. I struggled last term with theory. This term however, I feel more confident in the subject. Maybe that`s because I understand what i`m being taught or maybe it`s because I find what i`m being taught interesting.

The Culture of the Glossy has recently covered lectures on research and essay writing in preparation for the essay we have to write for the end of the year. I think i`ve picked an interesting question to answer so the research process should be fun.

Also covered in this unit has been the pornographication of society, mens magazines such as Nuts and Zoo and the gay and lesbian market. It`s been interesting to learn about the history of gay rights as recently it has become a topic of interest since going to see the play The Pride by Alexi Kay Campbell back in November. I find it fascinating how gay rights has changed and like how i get to include my opinions and clippings of the play in my research folder.

That`s about all these is to report on uni life for now. Hope i havent bored you too much and that you continue to enjoy and read my blog, even if i do posts that are 1,00 words long.

Ciao for now.





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