A very cinema weekend:30 Jan-2nd Feb

A very cinema weekend: 30th-2nd Feb

Apologies for lack of updates.

I know this blog was mainly going to blog was going to mainly be for uni related things but I guess as the title suggests it’s also about my life at uni and not just lessons.

With that being the case I present to you my 4 day cinema related weekend from 30th January to 2nd February. Very late I know.

Coriolanus:NTLive Screening

At the beginning of last month I was lucky enough to go and see one of my favourite actors,Tom Hiddleston(who for those of you who haven’t heard of him played Loki in Thor,Avengers Assemble and Thor:The Dark World) on stage in Coriolanus with my friend Laura.

We had these tickets for months and by the time I got around to seeing it I was so excited and proved far better than I imagined.

Before I began my life at uni, me and my friend,Amie who I met on twitter before coming to Solent said that if they did a broadcast of it then we’d go.

Lucky enough for us,it did! I booked tickets before I’d even met Amie in real life and it’s safe to say I can now call her one of my best friends.

Anyway we’d had these tickets for months so when the day came to see the screening at the picture house in Southampton I was excited.

Unfortunately though, Amie text me a couple of hours before letting me know that she wasn’t well and wouldn’t be able to make it. I was gutted as we’d been planning it for so long.

Since I now had a spare ticket however I asked my flatmate,Tim to come along as he had recently finished reading the book.

We made our way down to the marina to the picture house which was nice as I’d never been down there before.

Needless to say the national theatre live production was more amazing than I remember the original production to be.

Watching it live on a cinema screen up close when the actors are actually acting it out live at the theatre was amazing! I felt like I was more in the action and understood the play more than I did the first time.

It was absolutely incredible and the production has stuck with me everyday since.

On our way out of the theatre I saw an advertisement for Breakfast at Tiffany’s being shown on the big screen.

Anyone who knows me will know that Audrey Hepburn and Breakfast at Tiffany’s are two of my favourite things so when I came home I booked tickets for me and Tim to see it on the big screen along with Only Lovers Left Alive which even though I saw at the London Film Festival last year, I’m excited to see again.

Inside Llweyn Davis

Come Saturday afternoon myself and Tim were again back at the picture house. This time to see the new Coen Brothers film,Inside Llweyn Davis.

I hadn’t seen any of their films before this one but since seeing it I think I need to watch more of them.

Their directing style and shooting is amazing. Now wonder every interviewing asks how they do it.

I actually went to see the film because it starred Carey Mulligan but in doing so I came out with a new perspective on both life and filmmaking.

Inside Llewyn Davis is incidentally a story about the loss of a best friend and music partner and how to get a record deal with the friends you meet along the way.

It was a really good film and the first biopic of a musician I had seen.

You can definitely see why it was nominated for best film at the baftas.

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