A Day in the Life:Pixie Lott Nasty Signing.



A Day in the Life: Pixie Lott `Nasty` signing


Ok so for one of my independent study tasks for the multi platform approach I was set the task of writing a blog post called the day in the life which had to include text, images and video content.

Now,my days aren’t very exciting,unless you count the trips to the theatre in London or to a screening of Captain America: The Winter Soldier, which I went to on Thursday (which was absolutely amazing and you should all see it when it’s released on the 26th).

So rather than my boring days of not doing a lot,I decided to blog my trip to London for the Pixie Lott cd signing.

I’ve been a fan of Pixie since I first heard Mamma Do on the music channel. She quickly became one of my favourite artists and favourite people, which for those who know me,know I have a lot of favourite people within the entertainment industry.


Anyway I’ve been to a couple of her concerts(The Q awards concert back in 2010 and the Rays of Sunshine Concert in 2012) where I got some great photos, but never actually got to meet her myself. Today, however my luck changed.


I boarded the train to London at 10 and met my mum at Waterloo station at 11.30. We then had a catch up over Burger King chips before getting the tube to Bank.


About half an hour later,at 1.00 we found our way to the Steam and Rye where the signing was being held. There,the waiting began with other ‘crazy cats’ as we’re called until we were let in at 3.00.

The venue was lovely,very posh for a bar,mind you it was in London.

Then,more queuing began, but this time Pixie was at the end of it. As the queue got shorter and my time with pixie was almost upon me I couldn’t believe it,I couldn’t believe in a matter of moments I was going to meet Pixie Lott.


After the past few people infront of me said there goodbyes,it was now my turn. The conversation went something like this.

Pixie: Hey how you doing?
Me: I’m good thankyou.
Pixie: There some really cool cat ears you have there. Thankyou so much for buying my cd. *signs the cd*
Me: *stands there star struck not quite believing pixie is infront of me.
Pixie: Shall I sign this too?
Me: *nods* yes please. Can I have a picture?
Pixie: *nods and leans across the table as I set up my phone to take a selfie.*
Me: *takes the selfie* thankyou so much. Can I have a hug too?
Pixie: leans across the table to hug me.
Me: thankyou so so much.
Pixie: you’re welcome,thankyou for coming.


It was then that I came away and cried. I always said I would once I met her. It’s such an overwhelming feeling knowing that you’ve met your idol.





Once I had composed myself, myself and mum went and had a wander around London where I tried out my photography skills along the Embankment.

Really pleased with these photos.

We then went our separate ways,mum getting on the train at Charing Cross to go back home to Dover,and myself to the tube to get back to Waterloo to come back to Southampton.

It’s been two days and I still can’t process that I met her. Every time I look at the photo I smile like a loon. So so happy.

A video of my day can be found here:

Also, check out Pixie on Youtube


That was just one of the days in my life of a mag journo. I hope you’ll follow me on my journey for the rest of them.











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