My Top 5: Romantic Films

Moving to uni made me make a very important decision. Which DVDs to bring with me. When people ask me ‘What are your top 5 films’ I always find it hard to answer. After much thought however I realised that most of my top 5 cover the category of romance. So below are my top 5 favorite films in the Romance genre.

1. Breakfast at Tiffany’s(1961)


Breakfast at Tiffany`s Trailer

Who doesn’t love an old romance movie? It’s even better when it includes a kooky woman by the name of Holly Golightly, her charming neighbour Paul ‘Fred’ Varjak and a ginger cat ironically called cat.

Breakfast at Tiffany’s became the film that Audrey Hepburn was, and still is to this day most famous for.

You can blame Blair Waldorf from the television show Gossip Girl for my love of this film and Audrey and therefore this film being one of my favorites.

2. Brief Encounter(1945)

Brief Encounter Trailer

One for those black and white movie lovers. My love for the film Brief Encounter first came about in college when I had to write a screenplay for an assignment.

I liked the general idea of an affair story line set in a different period and got told to watch this magnificent film.

I was certainly glad I did as it`s become one of my favorites, if not because of the story line and the fact it`s set at a train station, then for the chemistry between both Alec(Trevor Howard) and Laura(Celia Johnson).

3. Moulin Rouge(2001)

Moulin Rouge Trailer

This is one of those films that absolutely had to be on my list.

Who doesn’t love a Baz Luhrmann film that features Nicole Kidman and Ewan McGregor singing classic songs such as Elton John`s `Your Song` and songs the many songs featured in The Elephant Love Medley?

My favorite song in the film is most definitely Come What May without question. It`s the saying I live by and am getting a tattoo of in the Easter Holidays.

This film is my go to film, the one I go to when I`m in a good mood and fancy a sing song, or when I`m having a down day it`s a film that puts a smile on my face and one that i`ve watched so many times i`ve lost count.

It definitely sums up my view of true love.

4. Atonement(2007)

Atonement Trailer

A film to be watched for the casting alone. James McAvoy, Keira Knightley and Benedict Cumberbatch. Who wouldn’t want to watch with the likes of those incredible British actors amongst its mix?

I love everything about this movie. The fact it`s directed by Joe Wright(one of my favorite directors), the setting(London), the time period(1939),the fact the end scene is set in my home town(Dover) and of course the story itself.

Everything compliments itself beautifully making it one of my top 5 romantic movies.

5. Only Lovers Left Alive(2014)

Only Lovers Left Alive Trailer

Ofcourse, I couldn’t have a list of romantic films without including my latest favorite. I first got the chance to see Only Lovers Left Alive last year at the London Film Festival and it was absolutely amazing! I`ve seen it since and it`s still just as beautiful.

A timeless film about vampires(see what I did there?) but most importantly a film about love. A love story way better than Twilight, even if I did enjoy that. There was something about Only Lovers Left Alive by Jim Jarmusch which was different to anything I`d seen before. I`d never realised what poetic meant when describing a film, but since seeing it I can understand why. There`s no other way to describe it than a beautiful, poetic film about love.

The cast of Tilda Swinton and Tom Hiddleston is just another reason to watch it.

So, thats my top 5 romantic films, what are yours?


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