Olivier’s 2014


The Olivier awards took place in Sunday evening in Covent Garden in London.

I was one of the lucky ones who got to go down and watch the action unfold whilst it happened(well on the red carpet anyway).

I often wonder why I sacrifice my Sunday morning lye ins to go up to London and stand around for hours waiting for celebrities. But this time,it all paid off.

I’ve done a fair few red carpet events over the past few years. The NTAs three years in a row and the 2013 baftas and empire awards. All have been brilliant,but the Olivier red carpet on Sunday beat them all hands down.

After taking a break from red carpet events for a year I went on Sunday not feeling very confident(mind you,I never am at these sorts of events, as they can go either go in your favor or against you). This time however,to quote the hunger games ‘the odds were forever in my favor.’

I set off on the train from my Nan’s in Chesham at 8am to Charing Cross where I met my friend Shell from Manchester. We then took a walk along the strand to Covent Garden where we met my friend Hannah and her sister Rosie.

After we had arrived we went and got our numbers for the red carpet(come on lucky 56) before going to chill in Starbucks for three hours to kill time,charge our phones and catch up and chat about who we were most excited to see on the carpet. We also looked on inquisitively at a lady with a guest list and autographs to figure out who else was coming apart from those on the guest list I received the night before.


Once we’d got our coffee and hot chocolate fix we went and got some cookies from Ben’s Cookies(Millie Cookies eat your heart out) before going to sit and wait to be let into the barriers.

Fast forward to 3.30 in the afternoon and we were finally let into the barrier. Now,for me getting a good spot at the barrier is the part I worry about the most,well until the possibility of meeting your favourite celebs pops into your head.

We luckily got to the front of the barrier and a good spot so we could see people when they arrived yet still see up the carpet.


The time went relatively quickly and before I knew it the celebrities arrived. (Not before i took some very bad selfies with shell and Hannah and Laura and Charlie who came strolling up the carpet in their best frocks as they had tickets for the show as apposed to the carpet).




Having been to quite a few productions over the past year I was rooting for Hayley Atwell to win Best Actress for her performance in The Pride,Tom Hiddleston for his performance in Coriolanus and for the cast of Once to win atleast one of the 6 awards they were nominated for(they won two).

They we’re the three people I was most excited to see and meet and I met all three of them. It was also announced a few hours before that James McAvoy(one of my favourite actors since 2005,who I admired but hadn’t met yet was to attend). As soon as I heard that you can imagine my excitement at getting the possibility to meet him along with the other two I wanted to meet.

Many theatre actors and celebrities arrived before the ones I was there too see including Gok Wan, Martin Freeman, Barbra Windsor and Samantha Barks.




20140415-213751.jpgZrinka Cvitesic who plays ‘Girl’ in the musical Once arrived first(unfortunately without Declan Bennett but there’s always the NTAs next year to meet him as he’s now in Eastenders). Zrinka looked beautiful and seemed happy to sign and taking pictures.


James McAvoy arrived not long later looking very dapper in his blue suit and his shades. I told him I loved his work and asked for a picture to which he replied ‘if you’re quick’ and signed my notebook. I took it as though these sorts of events weren’t really his thing as he’s quite a private person but I’m so happy I got the chance to meet him,(especially as Id waited nine years to).




Next to stroll elegantly along the carpet was the beautiful Hayley Atwell dressed in a gorgeous white number. She was escorted by her boyfriend Evan and she too signed for the fans(including me after I had told her how phenomenal her performance in The Pride was) but was unable to take pictures due to time. Still,I’m glad I got the opportunity to tell her how amazing her performance was because it really stuck with me.




Other celebrities arrived on the carpet including Arthur Darvill who most people know as Rory in Dr Who. He’s taken over from Declan playing Guy in Once and I’m sure he’s amazing but I’m going to have to stick with Declan as Guy and Arthur as Rory.


Finally at 6.10 Tom Hiddleston arrived on the carpet to tremendous noise looking handsome in his Alexander McQueen tux. Even though he had just flown in from filming in Toronto he took the time to sign for all of his fans,despite the ceremony starting at 6.30.


When he came over to my side I managed to tell him how amazing his performance was in Coriolanus to which he looked me straight in the eyes and replied ‘Thankyou SO much’ with emphasis on the so. He then took my phone and took two selfies(one of him not smiling,and another one with).


I was going to ask if he received the fanbook I made and sent to him last year but chickened out at the last minute for fear of ruining the experience I had just had.


He then continued talking to his publicist Luke whilst signing. Tom asked if he was tired to which Luke replied ‘not really’. He then said something to which Tom replied ‘like a sleeping lion’.

I also got this picture which I thought was quite funny. It looks as though Luke is dancing and Toms laughing at him.


Anyway enough of the Tom fangirling.

After the carpet had ended myself,Shell,Hannah and Rosie went around to the Piazza where the ceremony was being streamed and Les Miserable and Wicked performed.

I watched until 8.30 before leaving to get my train back to my Nan’s where I watched the highlights of the show before going to bed.

The Olivier’s I can say hands down was the best red carpet I’ve done(accept for the first NTAs where I met and handed Allen Leech the Fanbook for the cast and where he winked at me,but anyway that’s another story).

So much for keeping this blog post professional. Apologises for that.

A really great day spent with lovely people. Thanks to Shell,Hannah,Rosie,Laura and Charlie.

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