David Bailey Stardust Exhibition


David Bailey is famous for photographing the likes of Michael Caine,John Lennon and Nelson Mandela.

He is mainly a portrait photographer taking photos of celebrities and fashion icons such as Kate Moss and Alexander McQueen.

Each section of the exhibition was dedicated to the people he photographed and the places he had been.

The first section of the exhibition focused on the celebrities and musical heroes he had photographed. Michael Caine,The Beatles,David Bowie and The Rolling Stones were amongst these.

Fashion was next which included the fashion designers and models he had photographed for different magazines. He photographed the likes of Alexander McQueen and Kate Moss for Vogue.

Also featured amongst the photos were Baileys family members,most memorably his wife,Catherine Bailey and his children. It was interesting to have a part of him within the exhibition rather than just his photos.

The final section was dedicated to the places he visited and the photos he took of the people there. He travelled to places such as Papua Guinea,Sudan and Afghanistan to photograph the situations happening at the time. These photos were hard to take in.

It’s amazing what you can do with a camera. The thing found most interesting was that out of the photographs he took,not one of them was stood in the same position. Incredible. Proves how effective black and white photos and white space can be.

I would definitely recommend going to see this exhibition if photography is of interest to you,and even if it isn’t,it’s a great exhibition to start off your love for it.

“Everyone will take one great picture. I’ve done better because if taken two”-David Bailey.

So go and take not one beautiful photo,but two. Embrace the beautiful world around you and capture every moment with a camera.


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