Slowly getting There:



Slowly getting there:

Since arriving back in Southampton Friday evening,I’ve been relatively productive.

Yesterday I had a lay in until midday which I probably needed. I then finished tweaking my Paris feature for layout and visualisation so I could go to the library that afternoon to lay it out.

I wandered around town for a bit,buying a few new books in the process. Flappers by Judith MacRell about 6 flappers of the 1920s and About a Girl by Lindsey Kelk.

By the time I got to the library,it was 4.30. I had just sat down and a voice came over the intercom “the library will be closing in half an hour”. Typical.

Making the most of the half an hour I had I opened up my InDesign document and tried to work on my layout,which proved difficult within the time period. I told myself I’d go home,catch up with my flatmates and try again tomorrow.

Today,I was in a better frame of mind it seemed. I got up and 9.45 and was sat down at a library computer by 11. Not bad going.

I made relatively good progress,managing to lay out my feature which I’m really happy with. Hopefully Iestyn likes it too.

Ali McNamara,who I interviewed for my Multi Platform Approach feature and unit emailed me the audio file so I can finish and hand that in tomorrow.

Now,all I have to do is my reflective log for layout and visualisation,my essay and finish my research folder for Sallies.

I’m pleased to say I feel I’m finally getting somewhere and if the rest of the week goes how today did,then I’ll hopefully be done by Thursday so I can enjoy my weekend spending time with Sarah and going to see Birdsong in Winchester with Tim.

For now,however I’m going to have what I think is a well deserved break and have a cup of tea and read one of my new books.

Ciao for now.


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