An update:




An update:

Evening all.

Just an update to keep you posted as to what’s been happening in my life recently.

Nothing really that exciting to report I’m afraid. Myself and my flatmates,and I imagine all other students aren’t being that sociable at the moment due to being tired,ill or having a lot of deadlines approaching. Not so lucky for me,I have all three.

To be fair I think the being tired comes down to staying up till 4am this morning watching Carrie and Tom Fletcher vlogs on YouTube. Hannah,I’m looking at you.

What’s wrong I can hear you all asking,or not. I’m just suffering with a cold which is slowly disintegrating with each passing day(thank god).

The deadlines are getting smaller as the week goes on. I now only have two more deadlines as I handed in my Multi-platform approach portfolio earlier today and also managed to finish my layout.

Only 2,500 words and a few annotations for my research folder stand between me finishing my first year of uni and the start of my four month summer break. Exciting stuff.

Unfortunately an essay on the invention of the teenager in magazines and a reflective log about my Paris layout have to be done first.

I feel glad that I’ve started to cross things off my to do list and hopefully by this time next week all my deadlines will be done.

Oh here’s a bit of exciting news. Three years ago today William and Kate got married. It was also the night that I got to see Olly Murs live. It was honestly one of the best concerts I’ve ever been too.

Now I’m off to call my mum and possibly do a bit of reading before a hopefully reasonably early night.

Sorry for the lack of exciting posts recently. I promise they’ll get more exciting once deadline are over.




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