A new month: a new blog post






A new month,a new blog post.

Ok so it’s the 2nd of May. I’ve been 20 for a month now which feels slightly weird. It’s also the last few weeks of term and my first year at uni. Mad,I know.

Wednesday was a down day. I couldn’t concentrate and had no motivation so ended up watching Mean Girls in order to celebrate it’s 10th anniversary. Even after 10 years,it never gets old.

Yesterday morning I done a bit of my research folder before being reunited with my flatmate. We went to McDonald’s and had chicken nuggets which were lush before going to the student lock in where I bought some cute postcards to send to family and my pen pal in Germany.

In the evening I finally got on the bandwagon and watched Frozen for the first time and omg I’ve fallen in love with Olaf. So much so I emailed the Disney store to see when he would be back in stock so I can go and buy him as my end of first year uni award.

Yesterday was also a throwback Thursday of a year since the second time I met Alex Zane at the Summer of Film event I went to. Our encounter went like this.

Meeting Alex Zane:

Mum: dont freak out but alex is right over there.
Me: *tries to breathe* calms down enough to take the picture of me and him out of my bag and to go over to him. Alex is flicking through his notes.
Me:excuse me,Im so sorry to disturb you.
Alex: thats quite alright. What can I do for you?
Me:erm can I have your autograph please?
Alex: oh wow ofcourse you can. Whats your name?
*Alex signs it to Emily lots of love alex zane*
Alex: where was this taken?
Me: oh at the Empire awards
Alex: thats awesome thankyou so much.

He continues to make eye contact throughout the night as Im right near the front.

Later in the evening when the event is near enough over. Goes over to say thankyou and good use.

Me: I just wanted to say thankyou so much for tonight.
Alex: you’re so welcome Im really glad you enjoyed it. *opens arms for a hug
Me: hugs him and then asks if I could shake his hand.
Alex: puts his hand out.
Me: shakes it.
Alex then continues to do this weird handshake thing.
Me: looks at him confused. What?
Alex: oh, I just made it up.
Ahaa OMG Alex Zane you legend!

Work wise I’ve been a bit lazy recently. I’ve still got an essay to write aswell as a refelctive lot and few more bits to do for my folder. All for Wednesday. I’ll get it done,in time. There’s no point forcing something when you’re not in the right frame of mind.

I’ve also recently discovered You tuber Carrie Fletcher(Tom from Mcflys sister) who also plays Eponine in Les Miserable on the west end. I blame my friend Hannah for this,entirely her fault after talking about her at the Olivier’s. I guess I can also thank her because I’m now a Hopeful.

I’m also off to Winchester tomorrow afternoon to see the play Birdsong with my flatmate and one of my beat friends,Tim. We’re also going to go to Buddy’s diner which do the best Oreo milkshakes ever.

Full report on that tomorrow.

Enjoy the rest of the day you lovely lot.




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