I mentioned in my last blog post that I was going to see the play Birdsong at the Theatre Royal Winchester yesterday afternoon. And let me tell you, it was absolutely incredible!

Having not enjoyed the tv series I was a bit reluctant about going to see the stage version. But as it was Tim’s favourite book I thought I would make an exception. Hell I’ve dragged him to plenty of shows that I wanted to see this year(Once,Mojo and War Horse) and he didn’t complain,mainly because he wanted to see them too,but anyway.

We took the 20 minute train to Winchester arriving at around 2 at the theatre for the afternoon showing which began at 2.30.

Our seats were really great,Row D,four rows from the front giving us a real close up of the set, war trenches with a revolving door to the side in order to change scenes from the trenches in 1914-1916 back to 1910.

The theatre royal is a small theatre so you can see anywhere. I went to go and see A Clockwork Orange with uni at the start of first term and we were right at the back and could still see everything. Still,it was nice to be near the front and be able to see and feel like you were in the action.

The lights dimmed and the play began. Then for those two hours I was transformed back to World War I.

Everything about it was amazing. I couldn’t fault it. Beautifully acted,the set was beautiful,as were the costumes.

All I could say is congratulations to the whole company of the production.

Everytime I go to the theatre I get the adrenaline I always do and usually end up crying after most,if not every performance I go to.

I didn’t realise how much it hit home until I came out into the sunshine a few hours later.

The production raised money for help for heroes,a charity my parents have always supported and that I was raised to put money towards. As I put my coppers in the bucket I had the sudden urge to cry. Whether it was because of the play or because my dad trained at the barracks in Winchester I don’t know. Probably both,but either way I came out of the theatre and cried on Tim’s shoulder.

Once my emotions had subsided we made our way to Buddy’s Diner. I’d been hyping up how good the Oreo milkshakes were so we had to go. I ordered one which Tim tried a sip of along with some fries. He ordered a coke and BBQ chicken wings.

After we’d eaten we went and looked at the cathedral and wandered round the barracks where my dad trained. Whilst there I showed him my dad’s room(or the one I thought was his room atleast) before taking the lovely selfie at the top of the post and getting the train back to Southampton.

I’m now excited to read the book once my deadlines are over on Thursday.

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