Year 1 is complete:




Year 1 is complete.

So after 8 months and 7 units of hard but enjoyable work,my first year of uni is done. I can’t believe how quick it’s gone. The next two years are going to fly by,but I’m excited for them all the same.

I’m so glad I came to Solent,I definitely made the right choice and can definitely see myself working within the industry once I’ve finished.

I’d like to thankyou my flatmates for helping me settle in and putting up with my living habits. You’ve been the best flatmates ever and next years are going to have a lot to live up to.

To my coursemates,thankyou for making me feel like part of a team. I’ve had great fun getting to know you all and I hope I get to know the rest of you over the next few years. Bring on the hard work. We can do this!

Ok,so enough with the soppy stuff. Below I’ve rounded up each of my units to give you an insight.

Term 1:

Magazine journalism:

The first time I had to write a feature in the style of a publication. Proved challenging as I’m terrible at coming up with ideas,but when I did I was pleased with the finished product. An interview with my cousin Kate about working at What Katie Did.

Magazine journalism toolbox:

Where I learnt how to write news stories and write a covering letter and update my cv for work experience opportunities. Time to start applying.

The Big Debate:

The art of writing pitch emails and discussing topics within the news. Made me realise how important reading different magazines and newspapers are to my career. I now feel confident in writing pitch emails if I ever have to write one to a publication.

Magazine and Cultural Theory:

This was the unit I really struggled with. Me and theory stuff don’t mix very well but looking back on it I learnt a lot and got a grade which I was happy with at the end of it. Also A Clockwork Orange was awesome at the start of the year.

Term 2:

Layout and Visualisation:

Probably my favourite unit of this term. Writing a feature and then being creative with the layout is great fun. Seeing the finished product which you created is beyond amazing!

The Multi-platform Approach:

This was the unit that really inspired me to start writing more on this blog. Also getting the chance to interview one of your favourite authors is just brilliant. Thankyou so much for that opportunity Ali McNamara,I’m so excited for the next book.

Culture of the Glossy:

The final unit for the term. One of the most interesting units over the year I think. Getting to look back at old versions of some of my favourite magazines was just amazing! Also examining how teenage magazines have changed was surprisingly ah interesting topic to write about.

I’d like to thank all my lecturers you’ve been amazing. Look forward to spending the next few years being taught by some of the greatest people. Because having nice lecturers always helps.

Now,the summer has began. A few more weeks spent in Southampton cuddlingy my olaf when he arrives and finally watching Sherlock and reading Birdsong.(Sorry for having them so long,Tim). Before going home to my family and friends.

I’m sure I’ll keep you all updated over the holiday but for now,I hope you all have a good summer.

Emily x

Ps: Sorry for the long post!


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