A few thoughts on Birdsong:

A few thoughts on Birdsong

After I watched the tv series of Birdsong I remember going straight to the library trying to find the book. Each week I went I looked,but to no avail could I find it. There was something about it that made me think that the book would be better than the series,and it definitely was.

It wasn’t that I didn’t enjoy the series. I did,in some ways. The story was interesting but it was more the casting that bothered me.

Anyway,when I was in Winchester with my mum I saw a poster advertising the play. As it was Tim’s favourite book I text him and we booked tickets.

After seeing the play I ordered the script of it,but I have since in the mean time borrowed Tim’s copy and read it by his,and George Banks(the actor who played Stephen in the play) recommendation.

It took me five days to finish it. With it being quite heavy in places I had to keep stopping and starting. But don’t we all with most books?

For those who aren’t familiar with the storyline,Birdsong written by Sebastian Faulks tells the story of Stephen Wraysford as he fights in the trenches in World War I and,through flashbacks,his time in Amiens,France in 1910 where he goes to stay with the Azaire family,falling in love and embarking on an affair with Isabelle Azaire in the process.

Although mainly Stephen’s story it also focuses on the characters of Jack Firebrace who befriends Stephen in the trenches and his granddaughter Elizabeth.

I finished reading it yesterday and there are no words to describe how I feel after finishing it.

Overwhelmed and emotional yet happy with how it ended. It’s a beautiful piece of writing, a perfect way to pay tribute to those who fought,and are still are fighting for our country.

It will certainly stick with me for a while,a must read for anyone interested in or who wants an insight into what it was like during the war.


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