A start to the summer

So I go back to Southampton after a week at home in a few hours. This time however it isn’t for uni,it’s to enjoy the last week I have with my flatmates before we leave for the summer.

Before I go back however I’ll fill you in with what I’ve done over the last week and what’s coming up over the next one.

So I came home on the Wednesday,vis Brighton rather than London,which made a change and was a change of scenery.

On the Friday I met up with Lucy and we had a catch up over McDonald’s before going book shopping and sitting in west gate gardens.

In a previous post I mentioned that I was reading the book birdsong by Sebastian Faulks which I finished almost a week ago. So for the time I was sitting in west gate gardens I may have pretended I was in Amiens in France.

It was really nice to just sit and relax in the sunshine and next time I see her we’ve decided that we’re going to get nandos and sit in West Gate rather than our usual Dame John park.

Sunday I went for brunch with my mum and then my day was made by a tweet from Jamie Lloyd who’s the director of the Trafalger Transformed season.

On Monday evening I finished Birdsong and was left with quite a few feelings about,which you can read in my previous post.

The rest of the week I practised my drawing skills and watched a couple of films before my mum tried out a couple of hairstyles. The crown braid where my inner Isabelle Azaire came out. (As you can tell Birdsong is a bit of a thing at the moment) and more of a summer look with two plaits clipped at the back.

Tomorrow me and Tim are spending the day in the theatre watching 9 Noel Coward plays back to back. Including my favourite,Brief Encounter. Review to follow.

Also on Tuesday mums coming down to spend a few days in Southampton to try Sprinkles Gelato and Eds Diner. She’s also helping me to pack up for the summer.

It’s going to be weird spending the next week in halls knowing that it’s my last time with my first year flatmates. They’ve honestly been the best and I love them all a hell of a lot.

I’m off to pack before my four hour train journey ahead.












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