Sorry for not posting for a week. I would say that not a lot has happened over the past week but that would be a lie.

My mum came down to Southampton on Tuesday to spend a few days and help me pack up my uni room.

She experienced the lush burgers and strawberry milkshakes at Eds Diner that I kept going on about aswell as trying her first Sprinkles in the form of Turkish delight and mango ice cream. I also took her to a cafe which I like to spend my quite time at called The Butterfly Cafe.

The best day was Thursday however. The day where the seven year old in me couldn’t contain her excitement. The twenty year old me was pretty excited too. Thursday I went to go and see McBusted,two of my favourite bands growing up,McFly and Busted,and let me tell you,IT WAS AMAZING! By far the best concert I’ve been too.

After spending the morning in Southampton starting to pack up my room we made our way to Bournemouth and the venue to pick up our tickets. Whilst there I also bought my McBusted wristband from the merch table before spending the afternoon on the penny slots and grabbing machines in the arcade, I almost won a minion,but not quite. Hopefully in Brighton on Wednesday.

Around 6.30 we went back to the venue for the concert. After the support acts at around 9pm the lights went out,and the crowd(me included) went mental as Mcbusted came out on stage.

They sang a mixture of both bands songs with Danny singing parts of the songs in which previous Busted member,Charlie Simpson would have sang.

As expected everyone sang along to all of their favourites and the crowd went mental when the band performed the last song on the list,Busted’s hit Year 3000.

It was an amazing night and if you ever get a chance to go and see them live,you really should.












Yesterday I cleaned out my room and said an emotional goodbye to my first year flatmates. Next years have a lot to live up to. I love you,guys.

I’m now home for the summer and plan on doing a lot of writing,drawing and catching up with friends,which starts Monday when I should hopefully receive replies to some emails I’ve sent.

Off to Brighton on Wednesday to meet one of the first Downton Abbey fans I got speaking to,my friend Alice which I’m looking forward to.

In a couple of weeks time I’m also going to listen to a talk with author Sebastian Faulks and possibly see Carey Mulligan in Skylight with Tim. Then,the week after that it’s West End Live for the third year running which I’m excited about,so look out for those more exciting posts in the coming weeks.

For now,I hope you all enjoy your weekend and I leave you with my favourite picture I took of Thursday night,Danny and Harry.



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