A follow up





So in my previous blogpost I mentioned about some exciting things that were coming up in the next few weeks. This is kind of a follow up.

A few days ago as previously mentioned I sent off my script for the Time and Memory season at the Nottingham playhouse,and this morning I recieved the following email.

At first when I read it I thought that my chance was over,but after rereading it and having reassurance from some friends I realised that I’d read it wrong and that they couldn’t give me feedback because they’d recieved so many entries. So now,I’m taking it as though I still have a chance and they they’ll be in contact.

Also in my last blogpost I mentioned about the Begin Again Q&A with the cast which I’m attending on Wednesday evening. This morning the films Twitter page followed me asking to follow back so they could DM me about a screening. So,now not only will I be in the same room as the cast but I also get to go and see the film at a special screening afterwards!

Thursday I’m off to London again to meet Tim as I haven’t seen him in a few weeks which I’m looking forward to.

This morning however has been spent drawing another birdsong drawing as I hope to go and see the talented cast on their last leg of the tour next week.

For now I hope you all have a great week and stay tuned for this weeks shenanigans coming soon.

Lots of love

E ❤️


Some exciting things








Just a quick blog post about some exciting things that have/are happening over the next few weeks.

So on Wednesday afternoon I went over to Canterbury and bought myself a MacBook Pro. It’s absolutely beautiful and probably one of the best investments I’ve made.

Aswell as buying my mac,Wednesday was made by Selma Brook following me on twitter. She played Lisette in Birdsong the Tour and Brigitte in The Tudors.

Needless to say yesterday and Thursday were spent making up for the last few weeks without a laptop, typing away writing my script for the Time and Memory season at Nottingham Playhouse.

Im pleased to say I finished it yesterday evening at 9.45 which resulted in two acts,each with five scenes,30 pages and 6533 words. The most I’ve written in a while.

No matter what happens I’m pleased with how it turned out and hope to write more scripts in the future.

I’ve also a few more writing competitions coming up which I’m excited about.

After a much enjoyed brunch with my mum this morning I came home and reserved my place for the Begin Again Q&A on Wednesday evening with Keira Knightley,James Corden and Mark Rufalo. I’m very excited about this because I’ve been a fan of Keira’s for 13 years so getting to be in the same room as her is going to be a big deal.

Full report to follow next week.

That’s about it with me,for now. Hope you guys are well.

Much love

E ❤️

Quick update: 29th June.

Forgot to add about another trip to London on Thursday for a well needed catch up with Tim and, two more possible trips to see Birdsong in Eastbourne and the Phoenix collective gig coming up in a few weeks. So yeah,exciting things.

Happy Sunday you lovely lot.

West End Live,reading and a general catch up






West End Live,Reading and a general catch up.

Sorry for the lack of posts.

Had quite a few personal things to deal with which I won’t bore you with. I also spent the weekend at my Nan’s without wifi and minimum 3G which proved difficult than I thought,especially having to screenshot George Banks Birdsong blogpost in order to read it so I didn’t get overcharged on my phone bill.

So Thursday I met up with Lucy for lunch at Westgate Tower which I’ve started to call Amiens just because that’s how I picture it to be in Birdsong. Lunch then turned into dinner as we managed to catch up with Sophie and Megan too which was lovely. My third Nandos of the week with chocolate cake for pudding. Lush.

Last weekend did and didn’t go to plan. In my last blogpost I mentioned that I was going to meet Tim in London and go to West End Live and see a show afterwards.

I still went to West End Live but unfortunately things didn’t go to plan with meeting Tim up there so I went to check out the new Once Cast and watch Carrie Fletchers performance in Les Mis before leaving and getting the train to my Nan’s.

Whilst there I got through one and a half books. I took a book called Elenor and Park by Rainbow Rowell with me,which I finished on the Sunday morning. I then went to Waterstones and bought another book by her called Fangirl which I had wanted to read for ages because it summed me up completely.

I also went to Sainsbury’s and bought three more books for £5 and the DVD Don Jon starring Scarlett Johansson,also for £5.

To say that most of my weekend was spent reading would be an understatement. Needless to say it was enjoyable.

I also managed to catch up with my cousin which was lovely. Then today I done a bit of scrapbooking and a bit more reading.

Tomorrow I’m hopefully getting my macbook which means I can start typing up my script for the deadline on Friday. Exciting stuff.

What have you all been up to?

Have a great rest of the week.

Lots of love.

E ❤️

Skylight and Birdsong





So in my last blogpost I mentioned that on Saturday I was going to London. Thought I would fill you in on what happened.

I met Tim at 12.30 at Waterloo and took the tube to Leicester Square to see if there were tickets left for Carey Mulligans new play,skylight.

As it was previews I was expecting all tickets to be sold out,but luckily enough there were still some left,to the side of the stage in a box! A royal box!

We got our tickets and I spent the next hour or so saying to Tim how excited I was about seeing Carey on stage. We had a wander around leicester square before getting a KFC and going back to the theatre.

After buying a programme we were escorted to our royal box which let me tell you was amazing! I felt like royalty having our own bit of space to sit and watch the show.

The lights dimmed at 2.30 and Carey emerged on the stage. When she spoke it took me a minute to register that it was actually her,there in the flesh. Having watched countless interviews and following her career from the beginning I was very excited and a little shocked that I was there watching her shine. Considering the play has only been open a week it was great to be able to see it I assume before press night.

The play was very minimal. Three very strong cast members within Carey Mulligan,Bill Nighy and Matthew Beard aswell as a very simple set. A flat in the East End of London with just four scene changes throughout.

It was very interesting to see a play set within one setting. The others I’ve seen have only consisted of a few set changes,all done very cleverly.

The story itself was a real eye opener. The story of a father,son and friend of whom which lived with the father,son and the mother before she dies of cancer,and whom of which had an affair with the father. The play takes place over an evening in the 1990s in which each of the characters try and move on from their past life.

You’ll laugh one minute and feel for the characters the next. Bill Nighy stills the laughs as Tom,just like he does with every role, Carey is absolutely superb as Kyra and brings bits of previous roles to this. And Matthew will certainly go far in his career playing the role of 18 year old Edward,brilliantly.

All I can say is that it’s absolutely mind blowing and if you get the chance then go and see it.

After the play and a standing ovation from myself and most of the other theatre goers I came out of the theatre feeling elated and so proud and happy that I got to see one of my favourite actresses on stage. That’s not all,after the show we decided to go round to the stage door and see if we could meet the cast.

The security said that there wouldn’t be a definite chance that they would come out as they had two shows that day and all of the cast members had family members in which dad understandable. But,to my luck at around 5.15,Carey emerged out of the stage door in a white top and navy blue blazer. She took the time to sign and take photos with those who asked her and when she came to me as she was signing my programme I managed to pluck to the courage to tell her how great her performance was and how much of a big deal it was for me to be able to see her on stage as I’d followed her career from the start. She thanked me and then we took a photo together.

I was so happy to be able to see her on stage,meeting her was a huge bonus and beyond my wildest dreams. She certainly didn’t disappoint and lived up to my expectations. She’s just amazing!

After I’d come down from my high of meeting Carey we went and recuperated with a cup of tea at costa before having a wander around to the embankment and covent garden.

We then made our way to Foyles on Charing Cross Road,which is opposite one of my favourite musical,Once at the Phoneix Theatre. The Foyles has recently opened and has six floors!! Know what I’ll be doing next weekend when I’m in London again.

Making our way up to the sixth floor we were greeted with a room with plenty of chairs for the talk about Birdsong with author Sebastian Faulks.

Sebastian and a journalist from the independant arrived on the stage at 8pm and talked for an hour about how the idea for Birdsong came about,his research process and a few of his other books before signing copies of the book.

It was a pleasure to be in the company of such a talented and amazing author and to get my book signed was a lovely momento to end a really great day.

After a really really good day we made our way back to Waterloo,where we said our goodbyes and got our trains home.

Thankyou to the cast of Skylight,especially Carey Mulligan for being so lovely,Sebastian Faulks,it was a pleasure to be in your company,Vintage Books for organising the event and most importantly Tim for his company. Thankyou all for making my day a great one.

Today has been spent clearing and tidying my room before I bring my stuff home on Wednesday.

It’s back to Southampton tomorrow afternoon for a few days before coming back home and hopefully going to see The Fault in Our Stars before another Saturday in London for West End Live with another show and a weekend spent at my Nan’s.

No rest for the wicked.

Hope you lovely lot are having a great weekend too. Let me know what you’re up to.

Lots of love



A catch up:

Sorry for the quietness over the past week or so it’s been rather hectic spent catching up with friends,shopping,reading,coming up with ideas and drawing.

In my last blog post I mentioned that I was going to Brighton,which I did a week ago today and it was lovely.

I met my friend Alice who was the first Downton fan I met so it was nice to finally meet her in person.

We browsed the shops and I managed to pick up a copy of Birdsong for £2 which I hope to get signed when I go and listen to Sebastian Faulks talk about the book on Saturday.

It was lovely to get out of Dover for a day and talk about our favourite tv shows. We also stumbled upon a vintage shop which sold pretty much everything you could imagine,including cigarette cases,which even though I don’t smoke would be quite nice to have.

Now in previous posts I’ve mentioned my love of photography so couldn’t not take a few photos whilst I was there.

After a great day I said goodbye to Alice and made my way home getting through a good few chapters of Any Human Heart by William Boyd in the process.

On Thursday I finished yet another birdsong drawing(I found one that was unfinished and thought that I may aswell finish it. This then resulted in me thinking that I may aswell finish the whole set which is what I plan to do). I then went and bought the latest issue of Elle magazine as it had Keira Knightley on the front before making my way down to the museum to wander around the World War I and Dover exhibition.

It was really interesting to browse and found out some things I didn’t know,not just about the war but Dover’s part in it. I complain about living here but it’s really good for history.

Saturday me and mum went shopping in Canterbury where I bought a new pair of plimsolls and some really comfy brown trousers,a new top and necklace,ala Carolin Stoltz as Isabelle in Birdsong. It’s taking over my mind I swear.

I’ve been given a couple of writing opportunities over the next few weeks which I’m excited to make a start on. Hoping the final idea will be decided and that I can work on it over the coming weeks.

I’m also in the process of putting together a theatre fanzine which I’ll put a full post up about when I figure out a general plan of how I want things to go.

Yesterday I met up with my friend Lucy and treated myself to some new pencils which I used last night when I completed another picture of Isabelle.

The rest of the week will be spent carrying on with my drawings and finalising ideas whilst listening to the Once soundtrack which I received on Monday afternoon and looking at ukuleles which I’m tempted to teach myself over the holidays.

Saturday I’m off to London to meet Tim to hopefully go and see Skylight and just have a wander around before our talk with Sebastian in the evening.

Hope you’re all ok. Would love to know what you’ve all been up to.

Ciao for now.










Drawing and books

20140603-182131-66091931.jpgA new month,a new blog post and yet more books. So those lovely lot of you who follow me on Facebook and Twitter will know I have a bit of a thing for Birdsong at the moment. So much so,that for the fast few days I’ve been working on drawing some of my favourite scenes from the play. A bit weird,I know. As it was a month ago today since I saw it I thought I’d post them to this blog to give you an insight into my not so great drawing skills. There’s only a few out of the six that I drew that I’m happy with. Needless to say I enjoyed drawing all of them even if they aren’t that good. Below was the first one I drew a few weeks ago of the two main characters,Stephen and Isabelle who embark on an affair. I finished the other two today which are under the first Photoset-“I love you” “I always will” not only is this a quote from the play but I think it sums up their relationship. image imageimage On Sunday after browsing he internet for more photo I decided on drawing the “Colin Maillaird” scene in which Stephen,Isabelle,Lisette and Gregoire incidentally play Blind Mans Bluff. This was orginally going to be on one page like the others but turned into a bit of a collage after I started drawing Lisette and realised it wouldn’t all fit on one page. After drawing each of the characters I focused on the set and it was finished by 10pm Sunday evening. image Yesterday I stumbled upon the production photos and decided to draw a couple of those. Tipper was drawn next played brilliantly by Jonny Clarke. Then,last but not least I drew the scene in which Lisette confronts Stephen about his affair with Isabelle and tells him that if he was to kiss her like he does Isabelle then she won’t tell anyone that she knows. image   image   image Now that I’ve finished my drawings I’ve decided that people aren’t really my forte. I do however feel like I’ve improved since the first photo I tried to draw. Now,enough with Birdsong,for now anyway. After finishing my artistic streak I had a wander into town and browsed the charity shops and the local library for books. I ended up coming away with the first in the Fifty Shades series as I have the other too but not the first,and a book called Letters from home which I’m looking forward to reading. From the library I borrowed The End of the Affair by Graham Greene,a book based on the film of the same name starring the lovely Ralph Fiennes. It will be interesting to see how different it is compared to the film. The same goes with Bridget Jones Diary which I also borrowed. Keep checking back for my thoughts on these soon. I’m off to Brighton tomorrow to meet one of my online friends who I’ve known for four years which will be lovely. Enjoy the rest of your week and I’ll keep you posted with the latest goings on in my life soon. Lots of love Emily 😄❤️