Drawing and books

20140603-182131-66091931.jpgA new month,a new blog post and yet more books. So those lovely lot of you who follow me on Facebook and Twitter will know I have a bit of a thing for Birdsong at the moment. So much so,that for the fast few days I’ve been working on drawing some of my favourite scenes from the play. A bit weird,I know. As it was a month ago today since I saw it I thought I’d post them to this blog to give you an insight into my not so great drawing skills. There’s only a few out of the six that I drew that I’m happy with. Needless to say I enjoyed drawing all of them even if they aren’t that good. Below was the first one I drew a few weeks ago of the two main characters,Stephen and Isabelle who embark on an affair. I finished the other two today which are under the first Photoset-“I love you” “I always will” not only is this a quote from the play but I think it sums up their relationship. image imageimage On Sunday after browsing he internet for more photo I decided on drawing the “Colin Maillaird” scene in which Stephen,Isabelle,Lisette and Gregoire incidentally play Blind Mans Bluff. This was orginally going to be on one page like the others but turned into a bit of a collage after I started drawing Lisette and realised it wouldn’t all fit on one page. After drawing each of the characters I focused on the set and it was finished by 10pm Sunday evening. image Yesterday I stumbled upon the production photos and decided to draw a couple of those. Tipper was drawn next played brilliantly by Jonny Clarke. Then,last but not least I drew the scene in which Lisette confronts Stephen about his affair with Isabelle and tells him that if he was to kiss her like he does Isabelle then she won’t tell anyone that she knows. image   image   image Now that I’ve finished my drawings I’ve decided that people aren’t really my forte. I do however feel like I’ve improved since the first photo I tried to draw. Now,enough with Birdsong,for now anyway. After finishing my artistic streak I had a wander into town and browsed the charity shops and the local library for books. I ended up coming away with the first in the Fifty Shades series as I have the other too but not the first,and a book called Letters from home which I’m looking forward to reading. From the library I borrowed The End of the Affair by Graham Greene,a book based on the film of the same name starring the lovely Ralph Fiennes. It will be interesting to see how different it is compared to the film. The same goes with Bridget Jones Diary which I also borrowed. Keep checking back for my thoughts on these soon. I’m off to Brighton tomorrow to meet one of my online friends who I’ve known for four years which will be lovely. Enjoy the rest of your week and I’ll keep you posted with the latest goings on in my life soon. Lots of love Emily 😄❤️

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