Some exciting things








Just a quick blog post about some exciting things that have/are happening over the next few weeks.

So on Wednesday afternoon I went over to Canterbury and bought myself a MacBook Pro. It’s absolutely beautiful and probably one of the best investments I’ve made.

Aswell as buying my mac,Wednesday was made by Selma Brook following me on twitter. She played Lisette in Birdsong the Tour and Brigitte in The Tudors.

Needless to say yesterday and Thursday were spent making up for the last few weeks without a laptop, typing away writing my script for the Time and Memory season at Nottingham Playhouse.

Im pleased to say I finished it yesterday evening at 9.45 which resulted in two acts,each with five scenes,30 pages and 6533 words. The most I’ve written in a while.

No matter what happens I’m pleased with how it turned out and hope to write more scripts in the future.

I’ve also a few more writing competitions coming up which I’m excited about.

After a much enjoyed brunch with my mum this morning I came home and reserved my place for the Begin Again Q&A on Wednesday evening with Keira Knightley,James Corden and Mark Rufalo. I’m very excited about this because I’ve been a fan of Keira’s for 13 years so getting to be in the same room as her is going to be a big deal.

Full report to follow next week.

That’s about it with me,for now. Hope you guys are well.

Much love

E ❤️

Quick update: 29th June.

Forgot to add about another trip to London on Thursday for a well needed catch up with Tim and, two more possible trips to see Birdsong in Eastbourne and the Phoenix collective gig coming up in a few weeks. So yeah,exciting things.

Happy Sunday you lovely lot.


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