A follow up





So in my previous blogpost I mentioned about some exciting things that were coming up in the next few weeks. This is kind of a follow up.

A few days ago as previously mentioned I sent off my script for the Time and Memory season at the Nottingham playhouse,and this morning I recieved the following email.

At first when I read it I thought that my chance was over,but after rereading it and having reassurance from some friends I realised that I’d read it wrong and that they couldn’t give me feedback because they’d recieved so many entries. So now,I’m taking it as though I still have a chance and they they’ll be in contact.

Also in my last blogpost I mentioned about the Begin Again Q&A with the cast which I’m attending on Wednesday evening. This morning the films Twitter page followed me asking to follow back so they could DM me about a screening. So,now not only will I be in the same room as the cast but I also get to go and see the film at a special screening afterwards!

Thursday I’m off to London again to meet Tim as I haven’t seen him in a few weeks which I’m looking forward to.

This morning however has been spent drawing another birdsong drawing as I hope to go and see the talented cast on their last leg of the tour next week.

For now I hope you all have a great week and stay tuned for this weeks shenanigans coming soon.

Lots of love

E ❤️


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