What Makes You Happy?


Youtuber Carrie Hope Fletcher who plays Eponine in Les Mis on the west end just tweeted the challenge ‘what makes you happy’. The idea is that you fill the page and write down all the things that make you happy.

So,following in Carries footsteps,above are the things that make me happy.

What makes you happy?



The Secret Life of Students & Writing competitions

I’m not sure about my fellow uni friends but I’ve been glued to my tv screen everything Thursday evening at 10pm for the past month to watch the next episode of The Secret Life of Students,a documentary on Channel 4 which followed 12 students at the university or Leicester as they got to grips with uni life. Sounds normal,right? The thing that made it more intriguing however was the fact that those 12 uni students let the cameras have access to their phones and every text,phonecall,tweet,Facebook update and google search they sent whilst there.

In this day and age teenagers are considerable incapable of leaving their phone alone for a second. Everywhere you go you see teenagers on their phones,texting or tweeting or currently on Facebook. I can’t shame them,because I do it too. We’re now in a world where we’re ruled by the internet but is that a good thing?

I won’t go into a debate about this subject,maybe another time. Instead I’ll concentrate on the documentary. It was interesting to see how relatable it actually was and how the things you thought happened to you,could happen to other people too.

News and rumours travelling like wild fire within a flat all because we have phones. The latest who kissed who or the videos of the night before. All so relatable and a typical uni experience. If I wasn’t at university I don’t think I would have related to it as much as I did.

Needless to say it made me miss uni and I can’t wait to go back after summer and start my second year.

Speaking of uni. I got my results back a few weeks ago and I passed my first year which I’m really please about.

The last week has been spent writing pieces for competitions I plan on entering over the next week. I’ve just found more to get cracking with so I best get writing.

I’d love to hear what you lovely lot have been up to.

You can catch The Secret Life of Students on 4OD now.

Lots of love

E ❤️

Partying with Pixie










Yes,the title of this blogpost is exactly how it sounds,well the nearest to it anyway.

A few weeks ago I entered a competition to win tickets to the launch party of Pixie Lott’s range of Batiste dry shampoo. I thought nothing of it,just a normal really cool competition to enter and put it to the back of my mind.

Then a week afterwards when I was on my way home from a day in Brighton I checked my emails to find out I had won.

I’d get to go to an exclusive launch party where I’d get my hair done and listen to pixie perform and get a photo with her afterwards. That night was Saturday.

After much difficulty trying to find the venue(when they say tucked away in the middle of soho,that’s actually what they mean). Needless to say me and Lucy finally found it and had a great night.

We had cocktails,got our hair done(I got my ‘Isabelle’ braid I had been wanting for ages and Lucy had her hair curled which looked really nice.) and took a couple photos in the photobooth whilst enjoying a catch up.

Then,at around 8ish we escorted upstairs to the stage area where we were treated to performances by Molly Rainford(who for a 13 year old was very confident and had a great vocal range for her age),and Jocee who got the crowd hyped for Pixie’s performance.

Pixie came on at around 8.45 and played a 45 minute acoustic set of some of her most famous songs including Mamma Do and Cry Me Out,aswell as some of her new songs off the new album released on August 4th such as Ocean,her latest single Lay Me Down and Nasty. She also done a cover of Cry To Me from Dirty Dancing and her most recent cover of a mix of Waves by Mr Probz,All of Me by John Legend and My Love by Route 94.

After an amazing set the event came to a close with us each getting the opportunity to have a picture with pixie and a free goody bag featuring lots of Batiste products

An absolutely amazing night with great company. Thanks to Batiste hair for organising the event,Pixie Lott for being the most kindest person ever and putting on a great show and ofcourse to Lucy for coming with me.


For the love of Theatre- A Fanzine

For the love of Theatre- A Fanzine


I’ve always been a fan of the arts in some way or another, whether that be film, music or recently the theatre. There’s something about going to the cinema, a gig or a theatre and connecting with a group of people and sharing the experience of what unfolds on the screen or on stage.

There are countless magazines that cover film (Empire, Total Film) and music (Kerrang and Q), but nothing that covers theatre in real detail. Time Out, The Metro and Evening Standard cover it to a certain degree but not a lot.

Having been studying Magazine Journalism at Southampton Solent University for the past year, it has opened up my mind to a number of things, different publications, software programmes etc, but most recently how most of my lecturers started out by creating and being part of the Fanzine community.

With there not being much content dedicated to theatre I’ve decided to set up a theatre fanzine. It may just be an idea, and may not become anything or go anywhere but I thought I might as well give it a shot.

I don’t really have much of a pitch right now, just a general idea of things I wish to include within each issue. Here’s what I have so far, but of course I’m open to suggestions.


  • Behind the Scenes of a show- A day in the life of actors before they go on stage.


  • Reviews- Theatre reviews of both West End and touring productions.


  • Theatres then and now- how the big theatres have changed over the years


  • New shows- shows that are yet to go tour or go on the west end. The shows covered would of course depend on what shows are about to be previewed when the fanzine launches.


  • Interviews- Actors of shows, directors etc. At this moment in time I’m not a qualified journalist so it may prove difficult to get interviews.


  • Plays VS Musicals- Harry Hill TV Burp style.


  • When We Were Young- Early careers of actors. Profile pieces.


  • Theatre VS Film- Films that have been adapted for the theatre.


Are you a reviewer, photographer, interviewer, actor, or just a fan of theatre like me? If you are and you think this project is something that you would like to part of, get in contact via:

Email: fortheloveoftheatreafanzine@gmail.com (this email has been set up primarily for this project, if it takes off I’ll create other social networking profiles for it but for now contact the email address or my personal Facebook and Twitter accounts.


Facebook: Emily Pontin


Twitter: @PontinEmily


Thanks for reading and I look forward to hearing from you.





Birdsong and Phoenix Collective Gig








What a great week!

This is just a catch up on this week really to fill you in as I feel bad about not updating as much.

On Monday I caught up with a friend I used to go to school with. We went for lunch and saw the new transformers film which was great,even though the film wasn’t really my type of thing.

Tuesday I went to Brighton and met up with one of my online friends,Emily. We had a wander around town and ended up getting a bit carried away talking to a sales assistant in Cath Kidston about Mcfly. We also went dream house shopping. Only wish I was moving to London now so I could buy all the gorgeous stuff I saw.

We also had fun on the penny slots and won a mini minion on the hook a duck game at the seafront. Most people know I like minions so I was happy. Hence the minion selfie with Emily.

I was orginally supposed to go to Eastbourne on Wednesday to watch Birdsong again but ended up going on Saturday instead. Kind of glad I went then as I think going both Saturday and Wednesday would have been a bit much,no matter how much I enjoyed it.

Thursday,Friday and Saturday morning were spent working on more drawings and getting the last few bits together for the gifts I planned on giving the cast.  Which turned out great,despite the rush that morning. I ended up writing the cards on the train going up.

I feel very lucky to be able to have gotten the chance to see the amazing cast in action twice. It was amazing the first time,but even better the second time,probably because it was their penultimate performance and they were coming to the end of the run. I noticed a few subtle changes from when I saw it on Winchester but it still worked perfectly.

After the performance me and mum made our way round to stage door,gift bag in hand to wait for the cast to come out.

I wasn’t sure they would but I hoped they would as I got a tweet from one of the actors letting me know they would be out at some point in between shows. To my luck around half 5 they did.

Elizabeth came out first followed by the rest of the cast-Selma,Jonny,Carolin,Sam and George. Each took the time to stop and chat and sign and take photos,which was great as I was the only one there. Having been a bit of an avid fan of both the play and the actors I was a bit nervous about how they would react,especially as I’d done drawings of them. They were all absolutely lovely and I can’t thank them enough.

The encounter with the cast went a bit like this.

Me(to Elizabeth) hi can I get you to sign my programme?
Elizabeth: ofcourse- did you enjoy it?
Me: yeah,it’s actually my second time seeing it.
Elizabeth: thankyou for all your support.
Me: you’re welcome. Can I get a photo?
E: yeah,sure. Shall we get someone else to take it? *selma takes my phone and takes the photo*
*After selma had taken the photo I ask her if she can sign my programme. She finds the page and signs.
Me(to Selma) can I give you these? *hands over the gifts.
Selma: thankyou so much. Guys we have presents.
Sam: If you put them inside we’ll open them later.
Me:(to Selma) can I get a photo?
Selma: ofcourse.
Jonny: opens his arms for a hug. Hey how are you?
Me: I’m good thankyou,how’re you? *Jonny take a photo of me and Sam and then we swap.
Sam: *after taking our photo together rubs my shoulder. Aww bless you.
I then go over to where Carolin and George are standing.
Me(to George) I like your flower.
George:thankyou,it’s Macmillan I think.
Me(to carolin) can you sign my programme.
Carolin: ofcourse.
Me:(to George) I don’t know how you can get out of character so quickly.
George: you get used to it after a while.
Me(to Carolin) can I get a photo?
Carolin *nods* we take a really nice selfie.
Me: can I get you to sign my program too George?
George: I have to warn you my handwriting is terrible.
George signs the program and we take a photo.

We say our goodbyes and I go back to where mums waiting.

Mum: where’s the lid for the pen?
Me: oh
Just as I’m about to go back to get my lid from George I hear him mutter damn under his breathe and he calls my name and hands me the lid back.

We then said more goodbyes and George and Carolin walked down the street. Me and mum followed behind to go to the station and selma cut in front of us to catch up with them.

Me and mum made our way to the station to go home. Whilst I was waiting I checked my twitter to find that George had favourited my tweet from this morning. A few hours later I checked again and I had received these lovely tweets and a follow from Sam.

I can’t thank the cast enough for putting on such a great show night after night. I feel very lucky to have been able to have seen the show twice and met such talented actors. I wish them all the luck for their next projects and they’ve each made a fan in me.

Thankyou guys.

Sunday was the day of The Phoenix Collective gig. The band the orginally cast of Once formed together as they liked performing together so much.

I got on the train and 10.25 and by 11am my Sunday had been made. I checked my twitter and I had a tweet from the birdsong tour tagging me in a photo of Simon Lloyd with the picture I drew of him. The caption ‘Bear with his fabulous portrait by @pontinemily. Needless to say I was happy and couldn’t stop smiling. Even more so when Simon replied with ‘a very proud looking bear indeed’

This is why those guys are a awesome!

I arrived in London and met Tim feeling really happy and excited. I relayed the conversations of the Saturday with him to which he smiled and spoke in the right places which I’m very grateful for. It seemed all I did was talk yesterday.

After KFC we made our way to Highgate where the gig was. The Bogaloo is a small pub with tables and stalls with a space for people to play at the front.

When we got there it was pretty empty. We grabbed a seat and got the drinks in whilst we watched The Phoenix Collective sound check and waited for the other acts to arrive.

Declan Bennett arrived and said hello to everyone including waving at me whilst he was talking to some women at the table next to us and asked if I was ok.

I’ve been a fan of his since seeing him as Guy in Once and his music has since been on repeat, so being on the same room and listening to his set meant a great deal.

The support acts were great. Nick Edward Harris made playing the guitar effortless, whilst Scarlett Starlings looked they had great fun having a dance to their set.

Forty Elephant Gang were just epic sounding like a cross between Mumford and Sons and The Beatles when they first started out as the Quarrymen. They got the biggest cheer and psyched everyone up for Declan’s set.

After a ten minute break,Declan came on stage to a huge applause and played song from his album Record Breakup including Everything More,Love Wins,Freer and The Longer I Leave It. I couldn’t help but sing along with him. He’s amazing and to see him live was awesome!

The Phoneix Collective closed the gig with some Irish folk songs and transported me back to Dublin for the last hour. Everyone’s feet were tapping and everyone was singing along. In that moment we all became one sharing our love of music. Nothing beats that feeling!

After a great rendition of Chandlers Wife from Once, much to the audience pleasure which went on for a good five minutes because the audience kept singing the same part over and ever again the gig came to an end.

It made a change for a Sunday. Great company accompanied by great music. Definitely one of the best Sundays.

After the gig I waited to see if I could talk to Declan afterwards which I managed to do.

He turned round and saw me and the conversation went like this.

Declan: oh hey,how are you? *opens arms for a hug*
Me: *hugs him*
Dec: did you enjoy it? It was fun wasn’t it?
Me: it was great. Can I just say thankyou. Record break up has been on repeat since I saw you in once back in January and I love it.
Dec: ah bless you thankyou that’s lovely.
Me: can I get a quick photo?
Dec: ofcourse.
Me: sets up my phone to take a selfie.
Dec: oh wow are we actually doing this? Are we actually taking a selfie?
Me: takes the selfie* thankyou so much.
Dec: aw you’re welcome.
Me: when are you back in Eastenders?
Dec: the end of the month.
Me: I loved your tattoo by the way.
Dec: oh the one on my neck?
Me: yeah. That’s mine *shows him my tattoo.
Dec: ah come what may. That’s lovely. *walks over to Tim and shakes his hand. Alright mate,Declan.
Dec: so are you guys heading off now?
Me: yeah.
Dec:ah thankyou so much for coming. I’m glad you had a good time.
Me: thankyou. *opens arms for another hug*
Dec: *hugs me back* See you soon.

Needless to say I came out of the venue smiling like a loon and talking non stop again.

What a great way to end an awesome weekend.

Thanks to everyone who made this last week great.

I love you all.

What have you all been up to?

Lots of love

E ❤️

Ps: I woke up this morning to the final tally of the money Birdsong raised for Help for Heroes. So proud and happy that I got to see it twice. Help for heroes is a great charity and one that I was raised to support so congratulations to these talented guys. Can’t wait for next tour.














So as promised below are the links for my reviews of Begin Again starring Keira Knightley,Mark Ruffalo and James Corden and Restless starring Hayley Atwell and Michelle Dockery.



I’ve also just gotten back from seeing the new Transformers film,which although not usually my type of film I have to say was rather good.

Sorry it’s so short,will update more at the end of the week.

Hope you’re all well

E ❤️

Let’s talk about London












Hey guys.

Happy July! Wow where are the months going?

So today’s blogpost will concentrate on the last few days in London but first a few things.

1. My latest birdsong drawing. It’s one I’m most proud of(and there aren’t many of those).

2. I finished Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell a few days ago and it was great. A definite read for those people who consider themselves fangirls-particularly those who write fanfic. Which I did this time last year,and by the looks of things will start up again soon after a girl asked me to write a one shot for her. We’ll see.

For now..London

I was lucky enough to have a double day in London these past few days. Wednesday and Thursday.

Wednesday was the apple store Q&A with the cast of Begin Again as well as a screening of it afterwards.

Those who follow me on Instagram would have been my ‘omg today is the day I’m going to be in the same room as Keira Knightley selfie’. For those who don’t (shame on you. No,just joking I don’t post anything that interesting) it’s at the top of this post.

Me and Sophie arrived in London at around midday,going to find the hotel where the screening was and having a wander up and down oxford street. Not before having a photo op with the Begin Again poster at oxford street tube. So in theory I did get my selfie with Keira. Ha.

I planned on having a primark shopping binge,but that didn’t happen as they decided not to stock the items i wanted to buy. If anyone knows of any primark stores or could possibly get me the Pixie Lott t shirt they sell I will be very grateful. I was also looking for a new pair of leopard print sunglasses as mine broke,oh and a satchel for my mac. Alas they weren’t big enough.

Despite not finding any of my purchases the rest of the day(and the Lola’s cupcake from Topshop made up for it.

After being kids in the Disney store and falling in love with all the cute toys in Hamleys(namely a yellow duck that quacked) we made our way to the apple store around 4. Good job we got there when we did as we just got a seat. Right at the back next to a guy with a massive camera lense(which half way through the Q&A the manager told him it was too big to use. Hence resulting in a bit of a heated discussion,whilst the Q&A was going on,I may add).

Even though the event was meant to be for an hour and turned into half an hour, it was an absolute pleasure to be in the same room as three of the most talented actors of our generation. Mark Ruffalo,Keira Knightley and James Corden.

Mark was just completely awesome! So laid back. Keira looked absolutely stunning in a long cream dress laughing and joking with the guys about filming and the fun they had. And James Corden is just James Corden,funny,relaxed and very grateful.

It was incredible to be in the same room as them,not once but twice that day as they also went to the screening of the film afterwards.

The full podcast will be avaliable on iTunes over the next few days if you wanted a listen.

After the Q&A we made our way round the back to the exit to see if there was any chance of meeting them. Unfortunately they left out a different way.

Around 6.15 I said goodbye to a couple of twitter friends(we were talking Once the musical and that could have gone on for a good few hours) and me and Sophie made our way to the tube to get to the hotel. This resulted in a huge queue before we even got into the platform so we ended up doing a fast walk down regents street to the hotel.

The hotel was incredible. So posh. I don’t get to do things like this very often,especially screenings in hotels so we both took it in while we could. Feeling if not a little out of place we made our way downstairs where we were shown into the small theatre. There were probably around 50 seats.

Arriving there at about 6.45 we thought the film started at 7 but turned out that it didn’t start until half 7 due to the cast having to do press.

After another Q&A the film began. There was a lot of jokes from the cast about Keira making an album as her voice was really good,despite her not thinking so. Needless to say if she did I would be first in line to buy it.

The film was absolutely perfect. Everything I wanted and more. The storyline was great,the songs catchy and it was just generally brilliant.

I’ll post a link to the review for the film blog I write for after it’s written. Needless to say we left London two happy girls and on a real high after a great day. Thankyou Soph for coming with me,glad you enjoyed it too.

A new day: another day in London

Thursday was also spent in London. This time with Tim. We usually go to the same places when we often see a show. This time however we broadened our London horizons and had a wander around Notting Hill. I’d only been once,last year where me and mum did I tour of all the film locations. This time,trying to find any of those turned into a bit of a disaster. Because most of it looks the same it’s quite difficult to find your way around.

We finally found the market,where we had a browse before getting some donuts from Tesco and going to sit in Regents Park.

It was nice to sit and relax in a peaceful environment before going back to the hustle and bustle of Central London and browsing the new Foyles on Charing Cross road.

Tim had to reluctantly drag me away from the prettiness of the Phoenix Theatre and away from Once into Foyles where we browsed and dreamed about all the books we wanted but couldn’t afford.

I usually take lots of photos in London but needless to say I only took the one. A tribute to birdsong and in particular of Simon Lloyd. Apologies for that by the way.

Needless to say I returned home yesterday happy,but absolutely knackered.

Thanks to Tim and Sophie
for the company.

This weekend will consist of drawing,writing a couple of reviews and reading.

Also the offer still stands for anyone who fancies a trip to Eastbourne for birdsong matinees next week. Let me know so I can book tickets. £9 each can’t go wrong.

What have you been up to over the past few days?

Emily ❤️