For the love of Theatre- A Fanzine

For the love of Theatre- A Fanzine


I’ve always been a fan of the arts in some way or another, whether that be film, music or recently the theatre. There’s something about going to the cinema, a gig or a theatre and connecting with a group of people and sharing the experience of what unfolds on the screen or on stage.

There are countless magazines that cover film (Empire, Total Film) and music (Kerrang and Q), but nothing that covers theatre in real detail. Time Out, The Metro and Evening Standard cover it to a certain degree but not a lot.

Having been studying Magazine Journalism at Southampton Solent University for the past year, it has opened up my mind to a number of things, different publications, software programmes etc, but most recently how most of my lecturers started out by creating and being part of the Fanzine community.

With there not being much content dedicated to theatre I’ve decided to set up a theatre fanzine. It may just be an idea, and may not become anything or go anywhere but I thought I might as well give it a shot.

I don’t really have much of a pitch right now, just a general idea of things I wish to include within each issue. Here’s what I have so far, but of course I’m open to suggestions.


  • Behind the Scenes of a show- A day in the life of actors before they go on stage.


  • Reviews- Theatre reviews of both West End and touring productions.


  • Theatres then and now- how the big theatres have changed over the years


  • New shows- shows that are yet to go tour or go on the west end. The shows covered would of course depend on what shows are about to be previewed when the fanzine launches.


  • Interviews- Actors of shows, directors etc. At this moment in time I’m not a qualified journalist so it may prove difficult to get interviews.


  • Plays VS Musicals- Harry Hill TV Burp style.


  • When We Were Young- Early careers of actors. Profile pieces.


  • Theatre VS Film- Films that have been adapted for the theatre.


Are you a reviewer, photographer, interviewer, actor, or just a fan of theatre like me? If you are and you think this project is something that you would like to part of, get in contact via:

Email: (this email has been set up primarily for this project, if it takes off I’ll create other social networking profiles for it but for now contact the email address or my personal Facebook and Twitter accounts.


Facebook: Emily Pontin


Twitter: @PontinEmily


Thanks for reading and I look forward to hearing from you.





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