The Secret Life of Students & Writing competitions

I’m not sure about my fellow uni friends but I’ve been glued to my tv screen everything Thursday evening at 10pm for the past month to watch the next episode of The Secret Life of Students,a documentary on Channel 4 which followed 12 students at the university or Leicester as they got to grips with uni life. Sounds normal,right? The thing that made it more intriguing however was the fact that those 12 uni students let the cameras have access to their phones and every text,phonecall,tweet,Facebook update and google search they sent whilst there.

In this day and age teenagers are considerable incapable of leaving their phone alone for a second. Everywhere you go you see teenagers on their phones,texting or tweeting or currently on Facebook. I can’t shame them,because I do it too. We’re now in a world where we’re ruled by the internet but is that a good thing?

I won’t go into a debate about this subject,maybe another time. Instead I’ll concentrate on the documentary. It was interesting to see how relatable it actually was and how the things you thought happened to you,could happen to other people too.

News and rumours travelling like wild fire within a flat all because we have phones. The latest who kissed who or the videos of the night before. All so relatable and a typical uni experience. If I wasn’t at university I don’t think I would have related to it as much as I did.

Needless to say it made me miss uni and I can’t wait to go back after summer and start my second year.

Speaking of uni. I got my results back a few weeks ago and I passed my first year which I’m really please about.

The last week has been spent writing pieces for competitions I plan on entering over the next week. I’ve just found more to get cracking with so I best get writing.

I’d love to hear what you lovely lot have been up to.

You can catch The Secret Life of Students on 4OD now.

Lots of love

E ❤️


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