An Education


‘An Education’

Hey guys,

Woah,I’m really slacking in the blog updates recently,aren’t I? Apologies for that. During my time of non blogging I’ve written two more posts for film and tv now which you can check out below.

In last weeks blog post I mentioned that I was going to start book blog posts. That begins today with ‘An Education’ by Lynn Barber later on in this post.

First,I’d thought I’d give you an update of what’s been going on. Not a lot exciting to be honest but I’ll tell you anyway.

The week began with baking,afternoon tea and a trip to the beach, and ended with shopping(buying more books) and working on the fanzine which included getting interviews with a couple of the cast of Action to the Words Dracula which I hope to receive back soon.

I’m constantly checking my emails to see if I’ve heard back about the writing competitions I entered,so far nothing, but I’m not loosing hope.

I paid my deposit for my uni trip which means in January IM GOING TO NEW YORK!!! I’m not one to use capitals but this is very exciting!

Anyway enough of the excitement and on to the reason for this post. A few thoughts on ‘An Education’.

I love the film a lot(it’s the film I quite often put on to fall asleep to) so I was very excited to find the book for a bargain of £1.99 at The Works.

For those who don’t know, the film An Education follows the life of Jenny Mellor a sixteen year old schoolgirl in the 1960s who is studying to attend Oxford university. Her life is changed completely when she meets and begins a relationship with David,an older man who introduces her to a different world,a grown up world where she gets to eat at posh restaurants,go to concerts and take trips to Paris.

The book by Lynn Barber incidentally carries on from the film and is Lynn’s autiobiography. The film just included a few name changes including her own(changed to Jenny) and Simon who she had the relationship with(changed to David,which was actually her husbands name).

It was a very interesting read,both in general and from the perspective of an aspiring journalist. I also found out that Lynn’s husband,David taught one of my uni lecturers. Small word huh?

After covering the initial plot of the film it followed on through her time at Oxford to getting various jobs magazine Penthouse and newspapers including The Sunday Express and The Independent as well as getting married to David,having her two children whilst having to juggle and looking after David when he was diagnosed with cancer.

Lynn Barber seems like a very interesting person and I was very glad I got to read An Education.

I think the most important lesson I took away from the book was that when Lynn went to Oxford she realised that although Simon was no longer part of her life when she went to oxford,she realised how much of An Education and life experience he had given her which helped shape her life and who she was as a person.

Incidentally through going to uni I’ve realised who has shaped my life for the better and I’m happy to say that I’m generally pleased with how my life is at the moment. I’m looking forward to my second year of uni and having lots more fun doing the things I love.

On a work and studying note,from the book I took the lesson to always keep in contact with everyone as you never know who may be there to offer you a job in the future.

At the end of first year,we were told to start thinking about freelancing our articles. So,by the end of second year,my goal is to have began to start freelancing my articles to find lot what it’s like to actually get paid for something I enjoy doing.

For now though,I’m going to enjoy my last few weeks of summer reading and writing until my hearts content.

I’ve currently got two more books on the go so look out for those posts soon. I promise I’ll try and get back into the blogging more.

For now though,enjoy the rest of your week and I’ll be back with a post hopefully before next week.

I won tickets to see Denise Van Outen in her one woman show,Some Girl I Used to Know in London on Saturday and then Sunday I’m spending the day with my friends in oxford street to celebrate my friends birthday. Double London weekend. Don’t mind if I do.

That’s it for now.

Enjoy the rest of your week.

E ❤️

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