The Vloggersphere


The Vloggersphere

Sorry for the lack of posts this week. My week-well weekend atleast has been spent in my favourite place-London.

Saturday me and mum went up town to see Denise Van Outen in her show Some Girl I Used to Know which I won tickets from through twitter.

We made a day of it and I vlogged the adventure. Yes,I’ve finally joined the vlogging sphere and have begun putting my videos on YouTube. Feel free to check them out if you wish.

Some Girl I Used to know was great. It followed the life of Stephanie, a very successful business woman with her own lingerie line.

The play takes places over an evening in a London hotel. When she gets a poke on Facebook from her old flame Sean she reconsiders her marriage with husband Paul.

Through song and dialogue alone we are taken on Stephanie’s journey as she remembers the time she spent with Sean and considered going back to him despite the things he did.

Denise Van Outen shines as Stephanie and has done a really good job in portraying the script she wrote onto stage.

It made my mum cry so it must have been good. I really enjoyed it and I would like to thank Theatre People for running the competition.

I was back up London on Sunday. Which for those who know me,isn’t unusual for me to go up town more than once within a week. This time to have a catch up with Sophie,Lucy and Grace over Five Guys. It was really nice to see them and lunch was delicious. Waiting in the mile long que was worth it.

So far this week,I’ve been filming and editing videos which you can check out at my channel.

I also wrote two more pieces for filmandtvnow which you can check out below.

The fanzine is starting to come together too. I got a reply from an email interview I conducted a few weeks ago which means I can start the layout for that which is exciting.

I’m currently waiting on another opportunity to interview Alastair Whatley-an actor in The Original Theatre Company production of Three Men in a Boat which me and Tim have booked to see the beginning of October. We also booked to go and see Samuel Martin in The Story Giant at the end of October which I’m excited about and were off to see Once tomorrow too.

Review of once and vlogs to follow. I want to keep updating with the blog but keep an eye on my Youtube channel for more vlogs too.

Have a great rest of your week guys.



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