Don’t Give Up

A friend on my Facebook timeline this morning posted that they should have stuck to their original career plan because their writing wasn’t doing too well.

Being the friend that I am I sent her a message and gave her some advice, which got me thinking,should we really give up on something we love because learning difficulties and someone saying our writing isn’t good enough set us back? The answer to that my dear friends,is no.

That would be like everyone being and thinking the same. I got into this exact conversation with a friend yesterday in McDonald’s. Getting into deep conversations in McDonald’s over chicken nuggets,I know,what has the world come to?

Anyway, the following statement got apposed ‘he may not be the brightest star’ which got me thinking-is anyone really the brightest star? We’re all good at something,whether that be writing,singing or flipping the best pancake,I don’t know. But just because we each have that talent,it doesn’t mean everyone else does too. If everyone did,then the world would quick frankly be boring.

We should accept what we’re good at as something that makes us unique and a shining star in our own right. People need to stop comparing themselves to others(I know,I do it all the time) but regardless of who’s better at this or who’s better at that it doesn’t mean it makes you any less great. You have a talent that no one else does,you just have to believe in yourself.

I feel like I went off on a bit of a tangent then,so back to the matter in hand. Just because someone says that your writing isn’t good enough,because you suffer with a learning difficulty such as dyslexia,it doesn’t mean you should give up. Just because someone out there won’t give you a chance,it doesn’t mean you should stop doing what you enjoy.

Take writing for example. I know it’s frustrating and difficult when you don’t get an opportunity from something you put your heart and soul into, even if it turns out to not be grammatically correct or right for the publication you were aiming for as long as you enjoyed writing it,that’s the main thing. And presides,who knows later along the like the article you write might be right for a different publication.

Don’t give up and keep doing what you enjoy. Life’s too short not to.

I apologise if this blogpost is random but I just thought I would share my musings with you.

Hope you’re all well. The video to accompany yesterday’s blogpost is now up,which you can view here.

Also my review of last nights episode of Cilla is also live so feel free to check it out here if you wish 🙂

Lots of love

E ❤️



Summer 2014


With the Summer 2014 vlog uploading to YouTube as I write this,and with summer pretty much over, I’m happy to say that I can look back on the past five months with a smile on my face at the amount of great memories I’ve made.

Spent in places I love(Brighton,Bournemouth,
Southampton and ofcourse London) with friends and family I love, it’s been lovely to have a few months without having to think about uni or deadlines.

May was spent in both Southampton and Bournemouth spending a day in the theatre(Tonight at 8.30) and an evening seeing McBusted. You can read about both my blogposts here.

June I would like to say was spent at home,but ofcourse it wasn’t. You know me well enough by now to know that I’ll be in London or near there in a flash. June was no exception. I went twice that month(within the space of a week I may add). First to see Skylight and Sebastian Faulks talk Birdsong,and again for West End Live in Trafalgar Square. I also went to Brighton the beginning of June and met Alice.

July was most definitely the busiest, but most fun month of the summer. Back and forth to London(again) and of course Eastbourne to see Birdsong(again again). Many opportunities came my way that month that I never thought I’d get the chance to do. At the beginning of the month I was in the same room as my idol since I was 7,Keira Knightley and by the end of it I was stood in awe watching Pixie Lott sing. Throw in meeting the cast of Birdsong and an Irish gig in a pub in London on a Sunday afternoon with Declan Bennett and I think you’ll agree it’s safe to say it was a great month.

August came and went so quickly. During last month however,I got to fulfill another dream I’ve had for the past 4 years. Visiting Highclere Castle(also known as Downton Abbey). I also went and took one more trip to London until October atleast(she says) to go and see Once again.

The beginning of September was spent writing articles and setting up my YouTube channel. I can now say that I’ve had my channel for almost a month and I’m loving every minute of it.

For those who saw my Facebook or Instagram post last night,you’ll know that my YouTube channel is going to be a follow up to this blog. I plan on updating both more regularly as I feel like I’m slacking a bit. I haven’t posted in atleast a few weeks. Sorry about that. If for some reason I can’t update daily it will become a weekly thing.

Going into my second year of uni in a few weeks time has made me realise I need to become more organised(in both my uni work and with personal projects). This starts today.

I hope you’ll continue to enjoy my posts and vlog content and that you’ll continue to follow me on my journey. I love you all and I can’t thankyou enough for all your support.

Lots of love

E ❤️

Once the Musical,catching up & If I stay







Heyy guys

If you’ve been watching my vlogs you’ll know that I went to see Once the musical again on Thursday with Tim. We hadn’t been since January so it was nice to go again and see the new cast in action.

I met Tim at our usual time and place,12.30 at Waterloo station before going to KFC for lunch as usual.

We then took a wander around leicester square before going to oxford street on a book splurge(which I didn’t intend to do). I bought the 4 books I’d been wanting for ages for £20,which I guess isn’t bad. Billy and Me and You’re the one that I want by Giovanna Fletcher,If I Stay by Gayle Forman and Solitaire by 19 year old Alice Oseman.

After my book binge we made our way back to Ireland,or rather back to The Phoenix Theatre to see the new cast shine.

The first time we went we didn’t realise you could go on stage for the casts pre show warm up. So,as you can imagine we took full advantage,taking a few selfies before watching the cast perform their warm up set.

Once was as amazing second time round as it was the first. The new cast are phenomenal. So much so that we went round to the stage door afterwards to tell them.

Every Monday on twitter,a cast member takes over the musicals page to answer questions.

When Sophie Reid,understudy girl took to it and answered a few of my questions I was really happy. So when I found out her dates as Girl I knew I had to go and see her,hence going on the Thursday afternoon before one of her last shows.

It was really nice to meet her. She came out of stage door holding a huge bouquet of flowers for her mums birthday. I didn’t think she thought there would be any people outside stage door so when someone asked her to sign she wondered where to put the flowers. I offered to hold them for her whilst I watched on as she signed and chatted with other fans.

When she came to me she thanked me for holding the flowers and took them back. Tim had my phone but handed it to me as he needed to unlock it but didn’t know the password. I then ended up setting up the camera and taking it. ‘Ah a selfie’ Sophie said. She then said something about my nimble fingers which I didn’t quite catch.

After we took our photo she asked if it was my first time seeing it. I told her it wasn’t(which seems to be a reoccurring question when I go to stage door) but that it was my first time seeing her and that I came especially. ‘Thankyou
so much,that means the world’ she told me before giving me a hug.

David Hunter who played Guy came out next. I have to admit I was a bit anxious about seeing his rendition of the character as I’d loved Declan Bennett’s portrayal so much. David managed to make me cry two times more than the first time I saw it!

He came out and signed and took photos including my ticket and took a photo with me. He really grabbed hold of me when he put his arm round me for the photo which was nice. Exactly what Sam Martin done after I met him at stage door after Birdsong. Bless.

Speaking of which,I’m not sure i mentioned it or not. I probably did,but i’ll mentioned it again. Myself and Tim have booked to go and see both Sam and director of Birdsong Alastair Whately in a few things next month which will be fun.

In other Birdsong related news(last piece,I promise.)Elizabeth Croft joined twitter and tweeted me a lovely message. Selma also tweeted me back regarding a street I saw in London the other day and retweeted my tweet about The Paradise last night which was awesome. Those guys are my favourites.

Friday I went to Brighton for a shop around and to show my mum the lanes as she’d never been before. We ended up meeting my cousin and going to a black and white photobooth and getting some really cool photos taken. It was lovely.

I also managed to read If I Stay in that day. I started it on the train and finished it when I got home afterwards. It was only a short book by I wanted to read it before I saw the film. Which I’m going to see today. Which I’m excited about.

Saturday I caught up with one of my school friends,Sophie which was really nice too.

That’s about it for this week folks or rather last week.

Take a look at my review I wrote for Once and also my youtibe channel with four new videos which I posted yesterday for you to enjoy.

Once the Musical Stage Review

Have a great week guys.

Lots of love