Day 23:Post Op


Day 23: Post op

Arrived home from my Nan’s at 5.30. Was lovely to see and show my family my new look. If you can really call it that. I don’t see it personally but apparently my family do by the way they keep staring at me and apologising. Quite comical really.

Breakfast was,you guessed it crushed digestives and one weaterbix rather than two. I don’t know why I talk about what I eat because,quite frankly not much changes in my diet at the moment. Hopefully tomorrow I’ll start broadening my eating habits.

I also had my other gingerbread man we get from greggs at around 11. Nothing beats the taste of gingerbread. Takes me back to my childhood when we used to (still do at times) go up to the farm shop,feed the animals and get the veg for dinner along with a gingerbread man to have for lunch.

My cousins arrived at around midday. It was lovely to see them and have a catch up.

Lunch was the hardest. As they all tucked into mini pizzas and picky bits, I was stick with tomato soup,which didn’t really go down well,probably because I knew that there was better things on offer if I could have eaten them.

We left around 2.30 and arrived home at 5.30. I finished the bourbons with a cuppa whilst I waited for dinner. Guess what? More mash,broccoli,cauliflower and meatball gravy.

Hopefully going to town tomorrow to have a bit of a try on because,as I mentioned yesterday the dribbling is going and I’m apparently starting to look more like myself,despite me personally not seeing it.

I’m proud of how far I’ve come and what I’ve achieved in only 3 weeks though. Hopefully it improves so I can go back to Southampton soon as I’m missing my uni fam lots.

This weekend will be spent working on my feature to reach the deadline for Wednesday. I’ll be really happy if I do that on time.

Also I saw this article in the metro this morning. Anyone who knows me would know how cool this is to me. If anyone has a spare £5milliln they’re willing to part with,then you know where I am. Ha




Day 22:Post Op

Day 22:Post Op

Three weeks gone. I can’t believe how quickly the weeks go. It’s 8 weeks till Christmas guys. 8 weeks! Let’s hope that everything’s sorted by then,that my braces are off and my treatement over with so I can fully enjoy my Christmas pigging out on all the foods I love. Mars bar advent calander included,shall we? It sounds pathetic but ever since I got my braces three years ago,Mars bars are the chocolate that I’ve missed being able to have. As soon as they’re off that’s the first thing I’m going for.

There’s no point in telling you what I had for breakfast,because at the moment it’s rather repetitive. Two weaterbix,a cup of tea and mashed chocolate digestives if you hadn’t guessed.

We then wondered into town,I went into whsmiths and bought Elle magazine(for research purposes and for the Benedict cumberbatch interview) and InStyle because of Leighton Meester. I’m recovering so I’m allowed a few magazines,right? The other excuse being I’m a magazine journalism student so need to see what’s happening in magazines. That’s the reason I’m going with anyway.

After browsing Waterstones(and surprisingly coming out with nothing,despite there being lots of books I wanted,but couldn’t afford) we came back to my Nan’s.

Lunch was nice,but something I struggled with a little. Banana sandwich,quavers(which I couldn’t eat) and a gingerbread man mashed. I think it’s safe to say nothing can keep me away from biscuits. Glad I’ve found a way to eat them again.

I then looked through the mags I bought and chilled.

The swellings gone down again today and I feel like the left side of my face is starting to take shape. The dribbling is subsiding a lot too,I’m now just making sure I have a tissue handy if I need it. We’ll see how long that lasts,shall we?

Mum also booked my hair for Monday afternoon so hopefully I’ll feel better so I can finally get my mop of hair sorted and have a bit of a try on.

I can’t believe it’s only been three weeks,it feels like so much longer.
Still a long way to go yet though.


Day 21:Post Op

Day 21:Post Op

I must be feeling a bit better as I’ve got to the point where I feel like I should be back at uni despite not being allowed to yet. So much so that I got on the train today to come to my Nan’s,and it felt like I was skiving uni as we don’t have half term. I feel ready to go back to uni but I cant because my orthodontist said to be off for a few more weeks. (I’m in my third week now and it said a minimum of three weeks off but it looks like it’s going to be a few more. I have another appointment next week where I’m having my back bands fitted so if all goes well then I will hopefully be back on the 10th like I planned). I’ve also got to hope the eating improves because,although I’m eating,I’m not eating what you call proper food. Well food that a student would eat anyway. I’m also finding that just going to town tires me out,so even though I’m only at uni a few hours a day I don’t think id manage it yet.

On the train I found I took more photos(awful ones) to see that my swelling had gone back up but I think that’s going to have it’s days.

At the station I had an egg sandwich,or tried. It didn’t go down aswell as the tuna one did the day before. It’s really annoying not being able to chew.

Arriving at my Nan’s we were greeted with a lovely well needed cuppa. I also discovered chocolate digestives mash too.

Despite not doing anything differently than I do at home when I’m here,it’s nice to have a few days here for a change of scenery. I don’t have internet here and find I’m not on it as much because I have to use my 3G(which I always go over with) so I read a lot more(if I can get into the books I bring with me,which I’m struggling with) and text Tim like I normally would at home.

For dinner I had mash,swede and carrots mashed and gravy and custard for pudding. A lot of mash there. Starting to get a bit repetitive now,oh well. Hopefully soon I’ll start to chew.


Day 19 and 20:Post Op



Day 19 and 20

Day 19

Sorry for not posting yesterday. I would say there wasn’t a lot to report(there wasn’t really) but I kind of fell asleep at 8pm last night and didnt wake up till 8 this morning. A solid 12 hours sleep. I clearly needed it.

In all honesty I didn’t do much yesterday but I got a great start to a Monday when my leopard print DMs arrived. I’ve wanted a pair(as previously mentioned,since I saw Drop Dead Fred all those years ago). Love them so much.

After going round the block in them(and coming back with a blister) I started to gather the stories I needed for my feature. Comparing it to mine,mine seemed like nothing. There’s some very brave and inspirational people out there. A few people have told me that I’m amongst them,which I guess I am but it put it all into perspective reading other peoples stories.

Day 20

I debated on booking my haircut for today but didn’t as the thought of my head being washed over a basin and my hair touched right now doesn’t sound too great. I swear, I haven’t had my hair up this much since school.

After waking up at 8,I had more weaterbix(I really need to try the porridge dad bought) and got dressed to go to town.

We had a wander buying various things we needed before going to see some of mums old work colleagues to show them my new look. They were impressed as they knew me from a young age and that I needed it done.

I was going to go and have a try on in new look but decided against it due to the little bit of dribbling still happening. I’ll be so glad when I can finally feel my bottom lip.

For lunch(after coming home) I had a tuna sandwich. Well by had I mean sucked rather than bit or chewed. Lush taste though,despite it taking me a bit of extra time to eat it. Then,came the best bit. Mum made me a cup of tea and bought in the bourbon biscuits. For those who know me I love biscuits,my snack box at uni is full. I didn’t think id be able to eat them but I was wrong. They were dipped in the tea and then broken off but still,nothing beats the taste of a bourbon biscuit. Although,sausage gravy and mash(dinner) came rather close.

To say I’ve eaten well today is an understatement. Speaking of I’ve just tried a new milkshake. This time in the form of the new dairy milk cookie which was lush.

Will be glad when the swelling goes down fully. It’s strange,people who know me can really see a difference,but to me,I can’t really. Maybe because I can just see the swelling. I swear I’m becoming more vain by the day. I can’t stop touching my chin of looking in the mirror. Weird I know.

I’m off to my Nan’s tomorrow to show her and for a change of scenary. Won’t have internet but it’ll post a full report when I’m back Friday. Hopefully I’d have booked my haircut for the weekend too so I can really finish the look,get better and get myself back to uni.

Have a great next few days,you lovely lot. 😘

Day 18:Post Op

Day 18:Post Op



I felt better in myself again today. I’ve started to cut down on the medication too.

After two lots of weaterbix(rather than one),me and mum made our own Oreo milkshakes to make up for the fact of not being in Winchester seeing Sam and going to buddy’s for one like I would normally.

I then washed my hair and done a full face of make up rather than just my lipgloss like I did in my last photos. It’s amazing how different make up makes you look. I feel so vain by the amount of selfies I took on my phone this afternoon. I guess it’s a good thing right now so I can tell the difference in my face shape as it’s changing daily.

After painting my nails using the other new nail varnish mum bought me(the purple) I very nearly posted a photo of myself to Facebook,but decided against it until I get my hair cut,hopefully next week.

The dribbling wasn’t too bad so hopefully it will continue to get better so I can not only have my hair cut but buy some new clothes and start posting photos.

Dinner was nice tonight,more cheese and potato,but this time with tuna,basically a jacket potato without the skin. Lush!

I also flicked through Physcologies magazine which i bought yesterday so I can start my feature tomorrow.

How’re you?


Day 17: Post Op



Day 17: Post Op

I can’t say today was a bad day physically,but it was mentally.

After a nice lay in I received a lovely parcel from my friend jules,which contained a card,book and snood to wrap up warm. So far,so good.

It was the afternoon where I started to feel frustrated. Mainly because of the dribbling. I ended up getting upset before dragging myself to town to get some bits and bobs including the magazine I need to get on with my feature,rather than trying on clothes which I really want to do. It’s so annoying and ridiculous how tired the little things I’m doing are making me at the moment.

I also had to make a hard decision in not being able to go and see Sam Martin in The Story Giant tomorrow with Tim,despite us booking it months ago. Somehow I don’t think the travelling would have gone very well with how I feel. Sam kind of made up for it by sending me a tweet though,as did Sheridan who favourited one of my tweets earlier too.

Olly Murs announced his radio tour dates for next week too. Where’s he going? Fareham. 20 mins away from Southampton. Typical. Why why why! Want recovery to be over now.

The good news however, is that I’m starting to eat properly again,ish. I had weaterbix for breakfast, mash and corned beef for lunch and mash and blended meatball gravy for dinner. Something tells me I’m going to be few up of mash by the time I’ve finished.

I feel like this post has just been negative so I’m promise from now on I’ll start to be positive.

Hope you’re all good.


Day 16:Post Op








Day 16:Post Op

Today was another good day,paying for it now with jaw spasms and aching but it was worth it.

I managed a proper breakfast,rather than yoghurts(mainly because I’d ran out) and by ‘proper’ breakfast I mean weaterbix,not a fried breakfast like I’ve been craving since I knew I couldn’t have one. But it was nice all the same.

I read a bit more of Dermots autobiography before meeting my friend. Despite the weather we went and visited her nan as she’d asked after me. (The amount of support and people who have been concerned about me is so lovely).

After having a cup of tea at her Nan’s,we made our way to Howlets zoo to see the elephants.

It’s amazing how content I felt,just sat there watching the elephants play. I think if I could be any animal just for a day,I’d be an elephant. When I was sat there it gave me an idea for a children’s story,whether I’ll write it,I don’t know. If I do I’ll let you know.

I then came home to another beautiful bouquet of flowers. This time from my family. I’d never received flowers before I had my op. I now love them and think when I get my own house I’ll always have flowers on the table.

Despite paying for all the talking,and very bad singing to The Vamps I did today with an achy jaw and spasms,it’s worth it for the lovely day I had.

Although if they don’t mind going away soon I’ll be grateful,as quite frankly,they’re a real pain.

Hope you’re all well,you lovely lot.