Back in Southampton-Uni Year 2

Back in Southampton-Mag Journ Year 2

So for the past few weeks,it seems I’ve neglected blogging for vlogging instead. I said in my previous blogpost that my vlogs were going to be an extension to my blog. So far that hasn’t happened,especially as I’ve vlogged near enough everyday and haven’t written a blogpost in almost three weeks. That’s going to change…from today.

I know what you’re thinking ‘you said that a few weeks ago and you haven’t updated’.

Well,seeing as it was the start of a new month a few days ago I thought I’d start now. Especially as I won’t be vlogging much throughout October as I’m having jaw surgery on the 9th and won’t be able to speak for a good few weeks after. Therefore I’ll be relying on blogging for the month to take you through the journey and share my experience with you. Kind of like a diary,but on a blog instead. I’ll keep you posted with that over this month so stay tuned.

In other news since being back in Southampton,I’ve caught up with friends and started my second year at uni.

The first week back has been tiring but exciting. I’m excited to continue with uni and see where it takes me(despite being out for a few weeks from next week).

I’m studying three units this semester. Law,which covers things such as copyright and libel which I think will be challenging yet rather interesting.

The Editorial Hub sounds much like our Multi Platform Approach unit last year. We have to write a 1,000 word feature and verbal pitch and then a 1,500 feature adapted for online. I’m really looking forward to broadening my ideas and seeing where they take me.

Finally, I chose music journalism as my option which requires me to write various reviews and blogposts about music. I’m really excited to get started.

Look out for more blogposts over the next few weeks.

E ❤️

PS. If you wanted to know what I’ve been up to over the past few weeks,check out my YouTube channel.

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