Day 1 PM/Day 2-Post Op

Day 1 PM and 2-post op

63 views on just one of my op posts? That’s crazy. Thanks guys.

Sorry for lack of posting but I haven’t been in the right frame of mind or really with it.

Day 1:PM

The operation went really well. I was in at 9.30 and up at the ward by 2ish. I don’t really remember much(obviously,because I was out of it) silly statement there emily.

Mum and dad visited me on the ward,I apparently came round reasonably quickly as I wasn’t in recovery too long. I was apparently speaking rather well and managed to ask my dad to text everyone to let them know it went ok.

Anyway it was a success. The night of was the worst,but like most things it usually is. I don’t remember much other than the bleeding from my nose where the tube had been down my throat to help me breathe. After that first night though it started to get better.

Day 2:

The next morning(Friday) I managed to have water,yoghurt and a cup of tea(I knew if wouldn’t be long). Not much can stop me from drinking tea(even if it is through a syringe).

My surgeon came and saw me Friday morning and told me he wanted go get some x rays and that my orthodontist wanted to see me.

A little after 12,after a nap,I was taken down to the Maxillio facial department and taken for x rays. I got shown the one before and the one now and let me just tell you-wow! Amazing! I can’t get over it. So happy with the end result.

After x rays I was seen by my orthodontist who gave me a bit of a clean up around my nose and gave my mouth a bit of a clean.

I was meant to go home on Friday but was kept in for another night just to be monitored. Ridiculously annoying when you’re trying to sleep and you get woken up every few hours for blood pressure or medication. Luckily enough dad bought his portable DVD player so I could watch DVDs. Well,one to be exact-I think I must have bored the nurses to death having An Education on a loop for a solid 8 hours. Probably more.

Apologies to those nurses but thankyou all the same for looking after me.




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