Day 3 and 4 Post Op

Day 3/4 post op

Day 3-Saturday.

I got to go home yesterday. After much waiting around,various people coming to do my blood pressure and a watch of Pretty Woman later,2.30(visitny hours) finally came round.

I’d been told that morning that I could go home and text my parents to let them know.

When they arrived,there was more waiting around(waiting for the discharge papers and medication to be bought up) before I could leave.

At around 4,it came round,but unfortunately the lady had given me tablets to take away(I can’t take tablets!) so after more waiting,she came back with my medication(major relive of childhood as it’s all the liquids I had as a kid). Silly the things you remember.

We finally got home at around 6. I text everyone to let them know and opened my care box from Sophie. She’d piled together a series of different make up and hair products(from lipsticks,to eye shadow and hair products.) A real care package with lots of love to help me set up my make up collection. I love it and I’m so excited to try all the products. Thankyou Soph ❤️

Day 4

I had a few hours on the sofa,then went up to bed at 3. Slept till half 6 and then again till 8.30. Think it’s to do with getting woken up at certain times in hospital for various things that done it.

Anyway the swelling has gone down a lot more than yesterday. Going down more everyday I think. Really happy with how it’s turning out.

I actually have lips I managed to clean today. (I know how silly that statement sounds) but I didn’t really have a top lip before all this,and now I do. You can also start to see my teeth. A good sign I think.

After a bit of a clean up I’m beginning to feel better in myself and I’m excited to see the rest of the changes.

Tomorrow however the real fun beginnings(it doesn’t really.) I have my elastics fitted to stop my jaw from going back to it’s orginal position. That’s going to be hell,I can tell.(wow remind me never to use rhyming again). Totally an accident.

Anyway I’ll keep you updated. Thanks again for all your support.


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