Day 5: Post Op

Day 5:Post Op

So I went back to the hospital to see the orthodontist,expecting to have elastics fitted on the top of my braces. I was dreading it,and guess what? It didn’t happen. Well,not yet anyway. She was so pleased with the way it was that she didn’t feel I need them. Whether that’s not at all of just not now I’m not sure. Will have to wait and see. She seemed really pleased though,and commented that I look more like my dad than I did before.

After the hospital we went to tesco and got some more food. We’re going to try the blender and see what proper food I can start eating as I can’t afford to loose weight.

I came home and had some tomato soup(out of a cup,rather than a syringe) and a chocolate pudding. My first type of chocolate since Thursday and it was lush.

I’ve started drinking tea and eating out of cups and mugs too,which is an improvement,just from yesterday. The swelling has reduced again,but had been replaced by bruising on my neck,which is to be expected.

I didn’t really like how I looked in the mirror today and found it quite difficult but I guess there’s going to be those days.

I must be feeling a little better as I came home and found an email from one of my lecturers and actually done a bit of work. We’ll see if that carries on.

So far today hasn’t been too bad. I hope it continues to get better.

Thankyou again for all your support. My blog was viewed 100 times just yesterday. It doesn’t seem that interesting to me,this is just kind of like a diary so I know how I am each day,but thankyou so much for reading it and keep doing so if you wish.

Lots of love



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