Day 7: Post Op





Day 7:Post Op

We have progress! I just managed to eat spaghetti and meatballs. Out of a cup. Ok so it was pretty much meatball soup but still. It was nice to have a proper dinner,even if it was blended down.

No progress on the swelling or bruising but I wasn’t in much pain for most of the day. Not with my jaw anyway,my stomach however was a different story. Im in pain now,but it’s night time. Like anything,pain is always worse in the morning and evenings.

I did however get the before and after x rays emailed to me which I thought I would post so you can get a general idea of how my mouth now looks as I’m not ready to post photos yet.

I’m really pleased and impressed with how it all turned out. To think this time last week(well,another 8 hours time,I was up panicking about what would happen) and a week later it’s done is great.

Mum went back to work today so I lounges in front of the tv tucked up on the sofa watching reruns of Friends and reading Glamour and Billy and Me by Giovanna Fletcher.

I’ve also looked at different hairstyles so I can have my hair cut once it’s all gone down. I’m a bit in love with the hairstyles of Emma Stone and Natalie Portman. The bob with the fringe but we’ll see.

Slowly but surely getting there. For today at least.






5 thoughts on “Day 7: Post Op

  1. Hey, I don’t know you but I saw someone had commented to the link of facebook and wanted to have a nosey.
    I had the exact same operation 3 months ago (today in fact!) so I feel your pain, literally. I hope you don’t mind me giving you a few heads up (you may have heard them all already or it may not apply to you, if so ignore). In about another week you’re going to feel great. I didn’t expect it, but two weeks post op (well second op, I had to have it done twice ): ) About 85% of my swelling had gone, I’d upgraded to soft food, not liquid food and my bruising had completely gone. I still had uncontrollable dribbling though.

    Also, this may just be me, but if you’ve lost feeling in your chin/lower lip, it’s going to itch like a mofo when the nerves start waking back up. Another completely bizarre thing is any time I drink something cold, my entire chin area goes cold. Silly nerves.

    Like I said, I had this op last done two and a half months ago, I’ve been back in full time work for the last two months, I’m back to bi-monthly orthodontist appointments and despite chewing feeling weird I can eat everything again – and open my mouth fully, yay! I’m sure you’ll agree with me when I say I’m counting down the days to get my braces off.

    I hope you start to feel more like yourself soon!

    1. Hello 🙂 I think I’ve just added you on Facebook so we can chat further but I’ll reply to you on here as well just incase.

      It’s a real small world. I can’t believe how many people have had it done. Thankyou for the tips and heads up.

      How come you had to have it done twice if you don’t mind me asking? My swellings going down daily which is good. Starting to get a general idea of the shape of my face.

      There’s some feeling but it’s more of a tingle at the moment. Thanks for the heads up about the itching. I’ll bare that in mind.

      Oh wow,that’s amazing how quicky you went back to work. I have to admit I’m ready to go back to uni,but it’s only been a week so I guess I better take the three weeks required haha.

      I’m wanting to open my mouth wide but don’t want it to click back to how it was.

      I certainly am. Was you given a general idea of when yours were coming off? Also,did you have elastics as I’ve only had one appointment since I had it done and she didn’t put them on as she said I didn’t need them?

      Thankyou for your comment. I really appreciate the advice and hope we can keep in contact to Comlare notes.

      1. I’ve added you but I’ll respond on here too.
        When I had my operation they took out my wisdom teeth, and apparently that caused my upper jaw to move to the left. Rather than my front teeth meeting in the centre, my right middle tooth was sitting on top of my lower centre line so two weeks after my operation they had to reposition my upper jaw again. Not fun, but I had no pain and I didn’t swell up that much (it was already broken I suppose).

        After two weeks of feeling completely sorry for myself and being constantly tired (although I was stupid enough to move house three days after my initial operation) I realised I didn’t feel tired or sad or in any pain (I never took my paracetamol because that stuff was icky), I was surprised how going back to work actually made me feel better, and now my swelling’s all gone I don’t have people asking me what happened.

        I should be getting my braces off in February/March time, my teeth still aren’t cooperating and I’m supposed to be wearing elastics but 12 hour shifts and having to change them twice daily, plus having people comment on them means I ‘forget’ (the one time I wore them to work, I had 5 people in the space of an hour say ‘do those hurt? What are they for?’)

      2. Having it done once was bad enough but twice is unfortunate. I had my wisdom teeth taken out too so hopefully the same thing doesn’t happen to me too.

        Uni have been really supportive about me taking the time to recover. Think I need to get some work from them rather than sat being bored though.

        I’m surprised about the braces bring on for another 6 months,I was hoping they’d be off by Christmas lol.

  2. I’m happy for you that you doing ok so far, Emily. That your stomach isn’t happy can be from too much meds I guess. You and Charlotte seem to be some tough girls and I’m glad your surgery went for the both of you. I’ve been through a lot of surgeries myself but never on my jaw however that’s not important. I wish you both all the best 🙂

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