Day 8: Post Op


Day 8:Post Op

It doesn’t seem possible that a week ago I was completely out of it and didn’t know much of what was going on. It’s surprising how out of the loop I felt,not just on the internet,but the world in general. Needless to say I’ve since caught up and,as per usual I’ve been glued to my phone.

My day doesn’t really vary at the moment if I’m honest. I sleep,I eat, I go for walks and take medication. That’s pretty much my day,with the exception of the tv and reading ofcourse.

Speaking of reading,I finally finished Billy and Me by Giovanna Fletcher today. I love the way she writes. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again-I really would love to be part of the Fletcher family,they’re all ace.

The good thing about being in hospital was that on the Friday mum and dad bought me presents. I got some new lipglosses and Dermot O Learys autiobiography which is on the list of books to read from tomorrow.

I also made a bit of a start on my feature. Well by start I mean I put the question out there that I want answered. Kind of. Ish. Not really. I’ll start properly next week I swear.

The idea of this was to give you an idea of how I feel daily. So far in this post,I haven’t. I feel like it’s been rambling,so,to the point. How do I feel today? I feel ok. Dosed up on meds,my jaw aches and I’m feeling tired. But,again it’s the evening so it’s to be expected.

On the upside,I’ve just enjoyed a really nice stew for dinner,again in a cup blended but the taste was delicious.

I’m surprised how many people have read this blog and the amount of lovely comments I’ve received since writing it. Yesterday’s post alone was read by over 100 of you! It’s crazy! If you’ve read or commented,I can’t thankyou enough.

Enough about me today,how’re you all doing?



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