Day 9 and 10 Post Op


Day 9 and 10 Post Op

Sorry for not posting yesterday,there wasn’t much to report. I had a down day and didn’t feel too great so I lounged around watching Gossip Girl and reading Dermot O Learys book.

Today however,I feel much better. More like myself. So much so that I got dressed and put on a bit of make up before going into town. I know it sounds pathetic but it was quite a big step both physically and mentally as I hadn’t been out much. I’d been for walks but barely anyone saw me so I feel really proud and that I’ve accomplished something today.

Mum treated me to two new Barry M nail varnishes which I’m excited to try out. Picture of finished nails to come.

I also had a browse in new look as mums work colleagues gave me a voucher which was lovely. Looking forward to a try on when the dribbling has subsided.

We now also have a CEX in town. I repeat-CEX! I browsed and found they had seasons 1-4 of Two Pints and season 3 and 5 of Gossip Girl. Looks like a spending spree is in order when I next go to town.

Mum bought meatballs in gravy so I’m looking forward to having those for lunch. I can’t wait for the day till I can eat solid food again!

How’re you all doing?


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