Day 12:Post Op


Day 12: Post Op

So another not so great day,turned into a lovely evening when my friend came to visit. Was very spoilt with my first bouquet of flowers and some goodies.

It was nice to get someone else’s opinion on how I look,someone who hasn’t seen me everyday. It’s nice to know I look well and better for having it done. Not that I didn’t feel great before,I did,but I think now seeing a friend,especially one from my childhood helped me believe that what I had done is a good thing.

This afternoon I would have disagreed with that statement as I got a bit irritated about not being able to eat again. It’s only natural. I’m just trying to think positive and hope that it will all improve.

For now though I’m thinking towards the next few weeks as I look forward to completing the look when the bruising and swelling goes with a new hair cut and make up.

A not so great day turned into a better day just by seeing a friend. I love days like that. It’s lovely to know that a catch up with a friend can cheer you up.

Very lucky to have the people I do in my life. I’m very grateful for all your support and love you all alot.



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