Day 13: Post Op


Day 13:Post Op

Today was a better day. The swelling and bruising are going down every day which is good.

I also tackled washing my hair with my new shampoo and conditioner which was in the bag of presents given to me by Sophie. My hair feels so much better and with that I feel better in myself.

So much so that I’ve just had a bit of an experiment with hair and make up and took some photos,which I’ll hopefully be ready to upload soon. It’s so weird not being able to smile in them,instead I’m pouting which I couldn’t do before. Not sure if that’s a good thing or bad.

To add to the good day,Lauren Barclay who writes the Birdsong blog gave me a special mention which was a lovely surprise.

Tomorrow I’m back at the hospital for a check up and to see if my elastics are needed. Hopefully they won’t be but knowing my luck they will be.

I also get to drag my dad to see The Best of Me which I’m excited about.

Today was a good day,I hope it continues.



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