Day 14:Post Op

Day 14: Post Op

Two weeks gone since I was panicking about it being done. Can’t believe how quickly the weeks go.

I’ve felt a lot better this week. More like myself which is good.

Today consisted of a hospital appointment for a check up,a trip to the outlet to look for some DMs and the afternoon in the cinema seeing The Best Of Me.

The check up went well. They all seemed impressed. The good news is I haven’t got to go back for
another two weeks. The bad news is that I have to have elastics on my back teeth and I can’t go back to uni until she’s next seen me. *sad face*. I miss it a lot.

After the hospital we went to the designer oiglet to look for some Doc Martens. I’ve wanted a pair ever since I saw Drop Dead Fred all those years ago(although not in red). We saw a lovely leopard print pair,but they weren’t a pair and the laces weren’t right. Luckily enough though dad found some online so they should arrive between Friday and Monday. Yay!

I then got to drag dad to see The Best Of Me,the new film by the amazing Nicholas Sparks. And,like the rest of his films,this one didn’t disappoint and was everything you would expect in his movies. It was great. Even dad enjoyed it,and that’s saying something. You should definitely see it if you’re a sucker for a romance.

We then came home and I caught up on my emails from uni,having a conversation about work with one of my lecturers. They’ve sent me a package which dad’s going to pick up tomorrow so I’ll report back to what it is tomorrow.

Still dribbling like hell. Apparently it’s to be expected and I can start eat solid food that doesn’t require too much chewing from next week.

That’s about it for today. Hope you’re all well.


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