Day 15:Post Op

Day 15:Post Op


Time flies. Today was another good day,not necessarily because I felt better in myself(although that was a bonus),but mainly because some exciting and lovely things happened today.

I got a text from my mum at 11 letting me know she had paid the rest of my money for New York. Guys,it’s actually happening. I can’t believe it,I’m so excited! The fact my best friend,Lucy gets to come on the trip too just makes me even more excited. 11 weeks! Eep.

My friend Alice also text me yesterday to let me know that her mum had booked out tickets to see Man and Superman starring Ralph Fiennes. The day before my 21st birthday. I get to see Ralph the day before my birthday!! I’ve been a fan of his for ages and I missed out seeing him at the Great Expectations premiere a few years ago so I’m excited to get to see him on stage in April.

That’s the exciting stuff,bring on 2015! Now onto the lovely thing. I mentioned yesterday that I spoke to my lecturer and she asked if I’d received the parcel yet. I was expecting it to be uni work so when my dad bought it in this afternoon I was overwhelmed about what was inside.

The package consisted of two envelopes. One of which contained a handmade audrey hepburn card with the quote ‘Paris is always a good idea'(the quote I used in my layout and visualisation feature) signed by my lecturers and coursemates. If that wasn’t enough,the other contained a beatiful notebook from paperchase,a Parker pen and audrey hepburn cards from an exhibition held in Brighton. One of them being the photo Iestyn showed me at the end of one of my lecturers.

I quite possibly attend one of the best uni’s and get taught by some of the best lecturers on one of the best courses with some of the loveliest people ever! I can’t thank them enough. I feel very honoured to be at Solent. Thankyou just isn’t enough.

Having this op has put everything into perspective. I never expected it to happen or what to expect after it did. Despite being in pain I feel very happy and lucky. I’m excited for the recovery to be over so I can go back to uni and really crack on and aim for that first. The op has made me more determined than I already was if that’s possible.

I managed to eat corn beef hash without it being blended and get a bit of uni work done too.

I’m off to the zoo tomorrow so expect some photos of some Ellie’s(elephants) in tomorrow’s post.

Hope you’re all good and I love you all alot. 😘❤️

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