Day 16:Post Op








Day 16:Post Op

Today was another good day,paying for it now with jaw spasms and aching but it was worth it.

I managed a proper breakfast,rather than yoghurts(mainly because I’d ran out) and by ‘proper’ breakfast I mean weaterbix,not a fried breakfast like I’ve been craving since I knew I couldn’t have one. But it was nice all the same.

I read a bit more of Dermots autobiography before meeting my friend. Despite the weather we went and visited her nan as she’d asked after me. (The amount of support and people who have been concerned about me is so lovely).

After having a cup of tea at her Nan’s,we made our way to Howlets zoo to see the elephants.

It’s amazing how content I felt,just sat there watching the elephants play. I think if I could be any animal just for a day,I’d be an elephant. When I was sat there it gave me an idea for a children’s story,whether I’ll write it,I don’t know. If I do I’ll let you know.

I then came home to another beautiful bouquet of flowers. This time from my family. I’d never received flowers before I had my op. I now love them and think when I get my own house I’ll always have flowers on the table.

Despite paying for all the talking,and very bad singing to The Vamps I did today with an achy jaw and spasms,it’s worth it for the lovely day I had.

Although if they don’t mind going away soon I’ll be grateful,as quite frankly,they’re a real pain.

Hope you’re all well,you lovely lot.



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