Day 17: Post Op



Day 17: Post Op

I can’t say today was a bad day physically,but it was mentally.

After a nice lay in I received a lovely parcel from my friend jules,which contained a card,book and snood to wrap up warm. So far,so good.

It was the afternoon where I started to feel frustrated. Mainly because of the dribbling. I ended up getting upset before dragging myself to town to get some bits and bobs including the magazine I need to get on with my feature,rather than trying on clothes which I really want to do. It’s so annoying and ridiculous how tired the little things I’m doing are making me at the moment.

I also had to make a hard decision in not being able to go and see Sam Martin in The Story Giant tomorrow with Tim,despite us booking it months ago. Somehow I don’t think the travelling would have gone very well with how I feel. Sam kind of made up for it by sending me a tweet though,as did Sheridan who favourited one of my tweets earlier too.

Olly Murs announced his radio tour dates for next week too. Where’s he going? Fareham. 20 mins away from Southampton. Typical. Why why why! Want recovery to be over now.

The good news however, is that I’m starting to eat properly again,ish. I had weaterbix for breakfast, mash and corned beef for lunch and mash and blended meatball gravy for dinner. Something tells me I’m going to be few up of mash by the time I’ve finished.

I feel like this post has just been negative so I’m promise from now on I’ll start to be positive.

Hope you’re all good.


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