Day 18:Post Op

Day 18:Post Op



I felt better in myself again today. I’ve started to cut down on the medication too.

After two lots of weaterbix(rather than one),me and mum made our own Oreo milkshakes to make up for the fact of not being in Winchester seeing Sam and going to buddy’s for one like I would normally.

I then washed my hair and done a full face of make up rather than just my lipgloss like I did in my last photos. It’s amazing how different make up makes you look. I feel so vain by the amount of selfies I took on my phone this afternoon. I guess it’s a good thing right now so I can tell the difference in my face shape as it’s changing daily.

After painting my nails using the other new nail varnish mum bought me(the purple) I very nearly posted a photo of myself to Facebook,but decided against it until I get my hair cut,hopefully next week.

The dribbling wasn’t too bad so hopefully it will continue to get better so I can not only have my hair cut but buy some new clothes and start posting photos.

Dinner was nice tonight,more cheese and potato,but this time with tuna,basically a jacket potato without the skin. Lush!

I also flicked through Physcologies magazine which i bought yesterday so I can start my feature tomorrow.

How’re you?


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