Day 19 and 20:Post Op



Day 19 and 20

Day 19

Sorry for not posting yesterday. I would say there wasn’t a lot to report(there wasn’t really) but I kind of fell asleep at 8pm last night and didnt wake up till 8 this morning. A solid 12 hours sleep. I clearly needed it.

In all honesty I didn’t do much yesterday but I got a great start to a Monday when my leopard print DMs arrived. I’ve wanted a pair(as previously mentioned,since I saw Drop Dead Fred all those years ago). Love them so much.

After going round the block in them(and coming back with a blister) I started to gather the stories I needed for my feature. Comparing it to mine,mine seemed like nothing. There’s some very brave and inspirational people out there. A few people have told me that I’m amongst them,which I guess I am but it put it all into perspective reading other peoples stories.

Day 20

I debated on booking my haircut for today but didn’t as the thought of my head being washed over a basin and my hair touched right now doesn’t sound too great. I swear, I haven’t had my hair up this much since school.

After waking up at 8,I had more weaterbix(I really need to try the porridge dad bought) and got dressed to go to town.

We had a wander buying various things we needed before going to see some of mums old work colleagues to show them my new look. They were impressed as they knew me from a young age and that I needed it done.

I was going to go and have a try on in new look but decided against it due to the little bit of dribbling still happening. I’ll be so glad when I can finally feel my bottom lip.

For lunch(after coming home) I had a tuna sandwich. Well by had I mean sucked rather than bit or chewed. Lush taste though,despite it taking me a bit of extra time to eat it. Then,came the best bit. Mum made me a cup of tea and bought in the bourbon biscuits. For those who know me I love biscuits,my snack box at uni is full. I didn’t think id be able to eat them but I was wrong. They were dipped in the tea and then broken off but still,nothing beats the taste of a bourbon biscuit. Although,sausage gravy and mash(dinner) came rather close.

To say I’ve eaten well today is an understatement. Speaking of I’ve just tried a new milkshake. This time in the form of the new dairy milk cookie which was lush.

Will be glad when the swelling goes down fully. It’s strange,people who know me can really see a difference,but to me,I can’t really. Maybe because I can just see the swelling. I swear I’m becoming more vain by the day. I can’t stop touching my chin of looking in the mirror. Weird I know.

I’m off to my Nan’s tomorrow to show her and for a change of scenary. Won’t have internet but it’ll post a full report when I’m back Friday. Hopefully I’d have booked my haircut for the weekend too so I can really finish the look,get better and get myself back to uni.

Have a great next few days,you lovely lot. 😘

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