Day 21:Post Op

Day 21:Post Op

I must be feeling a bit better as I’ve got to the point where I feel like I should be back at uni despite not being allowed to yet. So much so that I got on the train today to come to my Nan’s,and it felt like I was skiving uni as we don’t have half term. I feel ready to go back to uni but I cant because my orthodontist said to be off for a few more weeks. (I’m in my third week now and it said a minimum of three weeks off but it looks like it’s going to be a few more. I have another appointment next week where I’m having my back bands fitted so if all goes well then I will hopefully be back on the 10th like I planned). I’ve also got to hope the eating improves because,although I’m eating,I’m not eating what you call proper food. Well food that a student would eat anyway. I’m also finding that just going to town tires me out,so even though I’m only at uni a few hours a day I don’t think id manage it yet.

On the train I found I took more photos(awful ones) to see that my swelling had gone back up but I think that’s going to have it’s days.

At the station I had an egg sandwich,or tried. It didn’t go down aswell as the tuna one did the day before. It’s really annoying not being able to chew.

Arriving at my Nan’s we were greeted with a lovely well needed cuppa. I also discovered chocolate digestives mash too.

Despite not doing anything differently than I do at home when I’m here,it’s nice to have a few days here for a change of scenery. I don’t have internet here and find I’m not on it as much because I have to use my 3G(which I always go over with) so I read a lot more(if I can get into the books I bring with me,which I’m struggling with) and text Tim like I normally would at home.

For dinner I had mash,swede and carrots mashed and gravy and custard for pudding. A lot of mash there. Starting to get a bit repetitive now,oh well. Hopefully soon I’ll start to chew.



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